Red, White, Blue, and Orange Food & Drinks to Numb Your Way Through the Election Insanity

The U.S. presidential election is such a colorful circus already with the clownish faces, verbal acrobatics, and all those hoops the candidates jump through to get us to cheer for them. As entertaining as the zingers and ridiculous rebuttals have been, we're tired of the baring of fangs as Trump and Hilary square off for a November 8 victory. And all this sparring is making us hungry. So buy, make, or just gape at these red, white, blue, and orange (ha!) dishes and drinks that can get you through all this election insanity. Ample Hills Creamery created a Scoop the Vote 4-Pack that includes two pints of ice cream from each side of the aisle, plus three campaign buttons. The Make America Orange Again ice cream comes with a warning: "May contain bluster, hot air, and bricks." You'll enjoy an artificialy orange marshmallow ice cream dotted with brownie bricks. The Madam President ice cream is described as "both powerful and comforting," made with sugar and spice and women’s rights. You'll taste chili pepper chocolate ice cream with Hillary’s own oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.