Hot Soup Recipes to Eat When You Have a Cold

This is like Japan's version of noodle soup for the soul. A hearty, healthy soup with napa cabbage, white miso, dried shiitake mushrooms, and Japanese udon noodles. Miso is a paste made from soybeans, sea salt and koji, a mold starter (that's a good thing; we promise!), and it has detoxifying effects on the body. Napa cabbage, sometimes called Chinese cabbage, is longer and more oval than green cabbage. The shape is similar to a head of bok choy and celery.

Miso soup is usually seen in Japanese restaurants as an opener to the meal, but in this version, we make it hearty enough to be the main dish. Onions, napa cabbage, and dried shiitake mushrooms are simmered with white miso, then ladled over thick udon noodles.... Read More