Holiday Glassware Guide: What Cocktail Glasses Are Essential to Entertaining During the Holidays

Here's the rule: No plastic cups when you're entertaining. Make sure your home bar is stocked with nice glasses to class up the adult beverages at your next holiday party or dinner. You'll need a few drink-specific glasses. First up, the highball glass. This tall, slender glass is extremely versatile. Ranging from 8 to 12 ounces, the Highball can handle any liquor and your favorite mixer, especially drinks that like sticks and straws. The highball also makes a great glass for nonalcoholic beverages, so you can use them anytime. The delicate cuts and defined contours of Marquis by Waterford's set of four Markham highball glasses add plenty of style to cocktail hour. These glasses hold 13 ounces, are made of crystalline, and should be handwashed. Try making this Presbyterian recipe in a highball glass.