Food Gifts for Your Friend Who's a New Mom

You know what your friend who just had a baby really needs? Food — in solid and liquid form. She's giving all she has to this new life, and hardly has the energy to feed herself properly. That's where you come in. Our first gift suggestion is for those early zombie days of motherhood. New parents likely won't have a baby who sleeps through the night for who knows how many months. More experienced mothers lose sleep in the never-ending challenge to balance work and family life. So this full-octane gift bag of coffee-everything can lend a jolting hand with high-quality coffee beans from indie American roasters and espresso-laced goodies, like energy bars, cookies, caramel sauce, popcorn, and chocolate. $61.50. Also consider making your own food gift. Try one of our one-handed snacks to make for your friends who just had a baby.