Chowhound Gift Guide 2018: Our Favorite Dips, Spreads, and Butters

It's an undisputed fact that some of the world's best foods are dippable and/or paired with a spread or sauce. Take bread and french fries, for instance. They're practically built to be vessels for an herb-infused butter or spicy mayonnaise. Without them, they're simply unnecessary and uninspired carbs that just aren't worth the calories. As we gather for meals to ring in the holiday season, what better way to celebrate our favorite dips, spreads, and butters than to utilize them in cooking and gift them to the people we love. Like this coveted jar of garlicky Chile Crunch; low in heat, but heavy on flavor, the Asian-inspired spread offers a texture bomb that zhuzhes up boring eggs, delicate fish, and yesterday's leftover pasta. Click through for all of our other recommendations.—Joey Skladany