How to Use Up All Those Eggs

Six egg yolks go into this elegant custard, flavored with smoky burnt caramel and a touch of milk chocolate. It's a recipe adapted from "Chocolate Obsession" by Michael Recchiuti and Fran Gage, so you know it's gotta be good. There is a lot of gentle and vigorous whisking, as well as hyper-vigilant adding of ingredients like cream. This custard is a sensitive process. It makes six servings, but let's see how that (ahem, cough, cough) pans out. You'll need small containers such as ramekins, espresso cups, or glass tea candle holders to serve the dessert.

San Francisco–based chocolatier Michael Recchiuti’s recipe for this caramel custard is superrich and flavored with a hint of milk chocolate. To make it, caramelize sugar, then whisk that together with hot milk and cream.... Read More