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How to Use Up All Those Eggs

Crustless quiche means a minimum of fuss. It also means you're making a frittata. This one combines six slices of bacon, thinly sliced cremini mushrooms, six shallots, and creamy, smoky Gruyère cheese. There's a smidgen of green in there with minced chives and parsley. Quiche is one of those dishes you can play around with. Don't have mushrooms? Add artichokes or spinach. Toss in some leftover meat such as ham or sausage if you're out of bacon and don't feel like making a special trip to the store for that one item. It's all good.

Without a crust to fuss with, quiche becomes an easy option for brunch or a light dinner.... Read More

How to Use Up All Those Hard-Boiled Eggs