How to Use Up All Those Eggs

In this righteous riff on standard deviled eggs, you mix in some puréed beet, lemon, and chive filling topping it with smoked blue cheese. The recipe says the smoked blue cheese is optional, but that's not true. You must use blue cheese, even if you can't find the smoked kind. The pairing of of that assertive, stinky cheese with the earthy, sweet whipped beet is what this dish is all about. It's a recipe adapted from the hyper-local, seasonally focused Philadelphia restaurant called Supper.

Mitch Prensky, chef-owner at Supper in Philadelphia, shared this recipe with us. Hard-boiled egg yolks are mashed with Dijon mustard, puréed beets, mayonnaise, and chives, then scooped into the hard-boiled egg whites and topped with smoked blue cheese, for an earthy riff on deviled eggs.... Read More

How to Use Up All Those Hard-Boiled Eggs