Easter Recipes Perfect for a Picnic

If you want at least one part of your Easter holiday picnic to be easy, this fennel pistachio salad is that part you're looking for. There is only one step in the instructions. One step. Of course, there are steps to get the ingredients up to usage level, such as thinly slicing crosswise three heads of fennel, roasting, salting, and coarsely chopping pistachios (or buy them that way), squeezing a lemon, and zesting a lemon. If those items don't daunt you, then you might have a delicious crunchy salad dressed in a lemon vinaigrette on your hands.

The unexpected combination of roasted pistachios and crunchy fennel makes for an elegant salad that’s great alongside our Savory Egg Pudding or even a simple roasted chicken.... Read More