Easter Recipes Perfect for a Picnic

Lemon and pepper ... cookies?! Yes. While holidays such as Easter are times we honor tradition, you can always start a tradition of serving these unconventional cookies. We hope you got that. Citrus and black pepper add an unexpected twist to the classic slice-and-bake cookie. There is a lot of lemon zest — 1/4 cup — and only a little freshly ground black pepper — 1/2 teaspoon — so the ratio works. These cookies pack a zingy flavor coming from two different directions. It's kinda like an awakening to a whole new cookie world.

Black pepper adds a touch of heat to this lemony version of the classic icebox cookie. To make these cookies, Meyer lemon zest and freshly ground pepper are stirred into an easy sugar cookie dough that can be made ahead, rolled into logs, and frozen.... Read More