Easter Dinner Recipes to Please a Crowd

While you may not think of dinner rolls for your usual weeknight meals, Easter dinner is another sort of animal. These soft, whole-wheat, pull-apart rolls flavored with a touch of honey make the addition worthwhile. They're healthier, heartier and more flavorful than your average plain dinner roll. You use equal parts all-purpose flour and whole-wheat flour, the other usual ingredients, plus a 1/3 cup of honey for a slight sweetness. A stand-up mixer will help in this recipe. You let the dough rise covered in plastic for about an hour in a warm place, or if you're making the dough a day ahead, it's OK to put it in the refrigerator overnight. It should double in size.

Serve these soft dinner rolls for a holiday buffet with baked ham, roast beef, or sliced roasted turkey, or simply toasted with butter and jam for breakfast. Make the dough with equal parts regular and whole-wheat flour, butter, milk, honey, and eggs.... Read More