Best Make Ahead Dishes for Brunch

A strata, that layered casserole in American cuisine, heads southwest for this recipe in which chiles rellenos meet huevos rancheros. Make this strata the day before your brunch, up until the part where you bake it. You begin by broiling four mild, smoky poblano chiles, peeling them, large-dicing them, and sauteing them with onions. Instead of broiling, you can place the chiles directly on the burner if you have a gas stovetop, turning each chile to blacken all sides. The 1-inch cubes of sourdough bread, peppers, onions, salsa, and cilantro are coated in sour cream before the custard mixture is poured over it all. This is the part when you refrigerate it overnight. The next day you take it out, let it get to room temperature, and bake.

The combination of eggs, sourdough bread, sour cream, and mild, flavorful green poblano chiles makes this dish a shoo-in for a brunch that won’t put anyone to sleep.... Read More