Dessert Recipes to Celebrate Spring

When blueberries drop in price at the grocery store, you know those sapphire jewels are twinkling in their patches for people to pick as they amble along, clutching their baskets, each pluck getting them one step further toward this blueberry-spice coffee cake. It's a hybrid of a blueberry muffin and cinnamon coffee cake, with a crunchy oatmeal topping. This is a wonderful sweet breakfast with a cup of coffee, a filling snack, and a wonderful dessert fit for a beautifully sunny, or rainy spring day.

Why choose between coffee cake and blueberry muffins when you can have both? In this recipe, the warm spices and crunchy oatmeal-streusel topping of coffee cake are merged with the fruity sweetness of blueberry muffins. And like the name says, enjoy a piece of this cake with a cup of coffee.... Read More