Comfort Foods We Love

This classic recipe for glazed donuts uses our master recipe for yeast donuts and an easy recipe for a vanilla-flavored glaze. Yeast donuts are light and airy with a subtle elastic chew. They deflate in your mouth so you can taste and feel the sugary coating that is everything we love about homemade vanilla icing. You don't really need any special ingredients to make these donuts, but you do need a donut cutter or a smooth-edged biscuit cutter. Nothing fancy needed either to make the vanilla glaze. That's because this is basic goodness. No fluff … well, besides the donut.

Make our Basic Yeast Donuts, then dip them in this simple vanilla-flavored glaze, made with powdered sugar, light corn syrup, hot water, and a pinch of salt. Game plan: Plan to finish the donuts within 1 hour of making the glaze—otherwise it can easily become too stiff to coat.... Read More