You Gotta Follow These Crazy-Cool Cocktail Instagram Accounts

We go to Instagram for eye candy, and for boozehounds, a cocktail created with perfection, or at least with whimsy, sophistication, or lust-worthy creativity. Cocktail enthusiasts won't want to miss these Instagram accounts. They each have different personalities and nuances, just like the drinks they photograph. First, this rightly named Beautiful Booze account is run by Natalie Migliarini, a mixologist, cocktail stylist, photographer, professional party planner, and recipe developer based out of Seattle, Washington. Migliarini has almost 46,000 followers on Instagram, and her photos are gorgeous. Her blog, beautifulbooze.com, has more than 200 original recipes and photos created by Migliarini. She crafts cocktails from the perspective of a home bartender, so the recipes are accessible to non-professionals.