Bubbly Beer Cocktail Recipes

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Mentioning the term beer cocktail still elicits skepticism from people, ranging from "Why would you waste a perfectly good beer?" to warnings about the folly of mixing beer and liquor. Nevertheless, bartenders at fashionable New York bars and restaurants like The Breslin and Death & Co are experimenting heavily with beer cocktails, and have even carved out dedicated sections of their menus for them.

The new generation of beer cocktails is interesting and complex, a far cry from "car bombs" and boilermakers, explains Shaher Misif, a bartender at Cantina in San Francisco. "[Now] it's an ingredient in cocktails, rather than just dropping a shot in your beer." In other words, beer is being used as a flavorful carbonated mixer.

Here are our favorite beer cocktail recipes, perfectly suitable for tailgates, picnics, or barbecues.