Breakfast Cereal as Art

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They’re garish and unnutritious, fake and sugary—only a nation that hates its children could come up with the kind of kiddie cereals that have lined America’s supermarket breakfast aisles for the past 60 years. But as carriers of nostalgia, Trix and Apple Jacks, Cocoa Puffs and Froot Loops are astonishing things. CHOW photographer Chris Rochelle shot seven kids’ breakfast cereals as architectural objects—click on any of his images to download them as wallpaper.

Trix reminds you of the ball pits in a McDonald’s PlayPlace, but instead of primary colors there’s some crazy mottling going on here: teal and purple, pink and orange, yellow and lime green. Introduced in 1954, Trix was the first fruit-flavored cereal on the American market. Curiously, they’re not as sweet as the colors make you brace for. First three ingredients: whole grain corn, sugar, corn meal.

Click on the image to download as a wallpaper.