How To Use Up Bread

You could use up eight cups of diced bread, preferrably a country-style bread because it's thicker and heartier. This savory bread pudding is loaded with herbs and pecorino cheese. You can use mushroom broth instead of chicken broth, and the dish is now vegetarian. About four cups of cremini mushrooms add some meatiness to this casserole, and all the chopped celery, heavy cream, chopped white onion add crunchy, yet soft, goodness you won't want to pass up. It's not Thanksgiving, you say? And your point is …

Stuffing is essential on the holiday table, loaded as it is with bread and just enough vegetables to sop up gravy while feigning healthiness. Switch things up to offer the noncarnivores a chance at a real meal, and try this bread pudding (using vegetable or mushroom broth).... Read More