How To Use Up Bread

This is one of the few recipes that calls for Wonder Bread. No, not really. Do they even make that anymore? It does call for 12 slices of white bread. Nothing fancy, but if your everyday bread is brown and wheaty, it's OK. But use the soft, pliable kind. You're almost returning the bread to its dough form when you cut off the crusts and flatten each slice with a rolling pin. You brush one side with melted maple butter and place it syrup-side down into the muffin tin. Each cup gets two strips of bacon and two eggs.

This recipe is presented by Eggland’s Best. The ingredients are the same as a traditional breakfast of eggs, toast, and bacon, but this recipe is anything but ordinary. Transform your toast by de-crusting it, rolling it flat, and giving its bottom a slick maple-butter coating.... Read More