9 Recipes that are Perfect for Binge Watching Your Favorite Netflix Series

We’ve all been there—sometimes you just need to finish your favorite series as soon as humanly possible. Yes, the sun is shining and you know you should leave the house, but the allure of just one more cliffhanger proves too strong to resist. Streaming episodes have made it oh-so-easy to watch a full season of your favorite TV show without leaving the couch…but don’t call for takeout when you can make any of these easy recipes and have enough leftovers to get you through the end of Season 6. Try one of our 9 recipes perfect for binge watching your favorite shows and you can proudly check at least one thing off of your list of tasks for the day, even if you’re ignoring everything else.

Ancho chile powder, cumin, tomatoes, and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce make sure that this chili recipe packs a punch. Maybe mix up a big batch of this to get in the mood to watch Drew Barrymore devour human flesh in the dark comedy The Santa Clarita Diet.