5 Ingredients or Less Appetizers

You don't have time to make elaborate appetizers when you're crafting an entire meal for your guests this holiday season. Stress not and pick a few simple appetizers that will appease your friends and family until the main meal arrives. That's all you need to do. Our suggestions require no more than five ingredients, besides staples you must already have in the pantry: salt, pepper, olive oil, and water. First off, a crostini is a versatile, yet simple, vehicle. This one has three ingredients if you don't count olive oil, salt, and pepper. Fresh ricotta is delicious on toasted baguette slices, sprinkled with salt and olive oil. For added complexity, top the cheese with earthy greens like nettles. If you're making this in the fall or winter and can't find nettles, use any in-season earthy green.