15 Recipes for Garlic Lovers

Fried calamari with marinara sauce is so over-done, like the way many restaurants cook the seafood. Calamari ditches its deep-fried coating in this delicious, quick sauté. Remember not to cook squid too long, not more than two minutes or so, because it will get tough. The ingredients are pretty similar, with just olive oil, butter, galric, parsley, lemon, salt, and pepper. This is a dish for people who like to taste the food instead of just the coating. In other words, for people who like calamari, the culinary name for squid.

Tender squid shine with just a handful of ingredients and a few minutes on the stove. Serve with lemon wedges for acidity and crusty bread for sopping up any leftover garlic-butter sauce. We recommend also pairing with our easy Dill Pickle recipe.... Read More