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15 Recipes for Garlic Lovers

Aioli is to mayonnaise what first-class is to business class on an airplane. It has perks and classes up the whole operation. This traditional aioli recipe is just like mayonnaise, only garlicky. There's two cloves of garlic, as well as Dijon mustard in there too. And like all aiolis, you can expect to use lemon, egg, and oil. Use your aioli as a dip for swiping your fries, which is similar to the "chips" eaten in Great Britain and Western Europe, often served with mayonnaise, sometimes curry-flavored. Use our garlicky version as a spread for burgers, sandwiches, and fish cakes also.

Aioli sounds fancy, but it’s really just a garlicky mayonnaise. Here we use a combination of vegetable and olive oils since an aioli of solely extra-virgin olive oil can be overpowering (and expensive).... Read More

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