14 Margarita Recipes

Starting somewhere around Cinco de Mayo and continuing all summer long, if we're drinking, there's a good chance it's a margarita. Whether sipped on a beach, a patio, poolside, in a dimly lit bar or a brightly lit Mexican restaurant, margaritas are eminently refreshing—at least when they're not too sweet, too sour, or too weak. Luckily, they're incredibly easy to make yourself, with just a few simple ingredients and no special techniques to master. It's mostly all about proportion, and buying high-quality ingredients—i.e. 100% agave tequila, and stay away from the mixes (though if you must, try sourcing one with all-natural ingredients)!

Speaking of mixes, this pitcher-perfect margarita recipe ditches them in favor of a few other shortcut ingredients that combine to make a delicious, easy party drink. Keep clicking for even more margs, including fruity versions, frozen options, and the ultimate classic recipe.