13 Recipes to Fulfill your Nutella Desires

Take a classic sugar cookie flavor with a crackly, sparkly top, shmear some Nutella on the flat side, stick another cookie on top, flat-side down, and you've got something greater than the sum of its parts. You've got a Nutella cookie sandwich, and life may never be the same. After this, you've changed. Mediocrity is no longer in your kitchen, let alone in your vocabulary. It's on. By scooping only a teaspoon of the cookie dough for each cookie you can make bite-sized versions of this, which is a great way to serve this treat at parties.

Nothing beats a classic sugar cookie. Chock-full of buttery goodness, these cookies are beautiful as well as delicious. Baking soda and cream of tartar create the reaction that produces the eye-catching crackled tops.... Read More