The Perfect Spring Appetizer: Deviled Eggs

Salsa is fun and colorful like the dance of the same name, which is fast-paced but actually simple. That's kinda like this recipe. Adding salsa to the hard-cooked egg yolk is an easy way to add flavor, giving this deviled eggs recipe a Southwestern twist. Like anything, the salsa will be better and fresher tasting if you make it yourself, using diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, lime juice, salt, and pepper. There are so many variations to this basic, it's ridiculous. But if you can't or just don't want to make salsa, find recently prepared salsa in the deli section of your grocery store. Mixed with sour cream, the combination of creaminess and spice will be just what your picnic needs.

This recipe is presented by Eggland’s Best. Salt, pepper, mayonnaise, and paprika don’t always cut it when it comes to deviled eggs. Using fresh, refrigerated salsa gives the egg yolk filling a zesty zing that makes this picnic staple more exciting.... Read More