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Need good FLATWARE resource

by Pupster 15 years ago

I'm shopping around for new flatware, and I have hit all the usual suspects: department stores, kitchenware stores, BB&B, Michael C. Fina, Amazon and others, to no avail. Anybody have any good sour...

America's top restaurant, La Lavanderie du Paris

by Krys 15 years ago

My laptop has been unavailable for a few weeks, so I am catching up with my Chowreading. I really did look, but I haven't mention of of this on the board ... and I DID read EVERY post about the ...

hey, everyone who was debating about the cost of the French Laundry

by heidipie 15 years ago

I've written in depth about my lunch on the SF Board. If you feel the topic has not been thrashed to death, let me know your further thoughts... Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/35624#16...

Karen Brown's Online Travel Guides - US and International

by Krys 15 years ago

I was given a free copy of Karen Brown's Portugal: Charming Inns & Itineraries at a Portuguese dinner. While mentioning it in my post, I linked to the site and the guides are on line. If you clic...

Cooks Illustrated TELEMARKETING ME

by PenskeFan 15 years ago

Despite the fact I am on the federal no call list, Cook's Illustrated has decided to impose upon my home and family life by cold calling with solicitations. I undertand they might be in bad finan...

javits center this weekend?

by curious 15 years ago

is there a "foodie" event going on at the javits center this weekend featuring a bunch of restaurants doing brunch for 1,000 sunday morning, or was i told a lie? i'm betting on the lie

my replacement all-clads came, and they're not the same

by pamela 15 years ago

Three of our All-Clads warped so badly, we really couldn't use them on our glass-top stove. Rather than grumble about our expensive mistakes, I contacted All-Clad and was told to send them back. ...

Restaurants showing Art Galleries

by kc girl 15 years ago

Just got a notice this morning of a realist painter currently exhibiting at a nearby restaurant, and wondered, (1) (a) Is this very common [other than in hotels] and (b) where? (2) Does one se...

Deconstructing Ferran Adria

by Cyndy 15 years ago

Did anyone catch the Tony Bourdain special on Food Network last night...fascinating man...fascinating science/food thing going on. Kind of alluring, kind of disturbing... I live in the back wood...

LA Farmer's Market Issue- Letters and Support Needed

by JudiAU 15 years ago

Pompea Smith, Executive Director of Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (the operator of the Hollywood Farmers' Market, Hollywood-Sears Farmers' Market, and Central Avenue Farmers' Mark...

Why justify about the cost of a very expensive lunch/dinner?

by Flynn 15 years ago

In an earlier post some 'hounds are asking how one can spend $650.00 for lunch for two at the French Laundry. Granted this is big bucks for one lunch but this is no ordinary lunch. Overall, in my o...

Rachael Ray is very possesive when she talks

by Richie 15 years ago

I think she is kinda cool but while watching 30 Minute Meals one night she was very possesive. She is always saying..I have to get my bowls,my spices,my meats,my utensils. Everything is my this or ...

Great southern writing about great southern food

by Zorra 15 years ago

If you have any interest in either of the above, run get the new issue of Oxford American magazine, guest-edited by John T. Edge. Mine just came and I'm just getting started--have already enjoyed c...

O Captain My Captain

by Paul 15 years ago

Not to come off as a total rube, but I went to Le Bernardin yesterday for a birthday lunch and when we received the bill there was a line for a general tip and then a line for a tip for the Captain...

Service lapses at the French Laundry! (moved from SF Board)

by heidipie 15 years ago

The food, of course, was wonderful. I was served a one-by-one-by-three inch piece of steak that was so good that I would like to eat it every day for the rest of my life. We also had some phenomena...

Anthony Bourdain's New Yorker Article "Don't Eat Before Reading This....

by Minkie 15 years ago

Does any one know where I can get a copy of this article by Anthony Bourdainthat appeared in the New Yorker Magazine and is somewhat the basis for Kitchen Confidential. (e-mail or purchase?) Or do...

PBS Meaning of Food

by Shmingrid 15 years ago

Did anyone else catch the first episode of the PBS series "The Meaning of Food"? It's a three-part series hosted by Marcus Samuelsson that presents stories illustrating various ways food reaches in...

restaurant review in Tokyo so awful it hurts to read

by Soledad 15 years ago

Found in the International Herald Tribune as part of a full page paid advertisement, The Gourmet`s Route. "Before embarking on the challenging task of describing the most memorable dining experi...

What makes a restaurant child-friendly?

by PollyG 15 years ago

I see frequent requests on the various boards for child-friendly restaurants. I also get the feeling that there are widely varying standards as to what equates to child-friendly. Some posters (o...

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