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by Far Far 16 years ago

The Hartford (CT) Advocate, the local alternative newspaper, just published the results of its annual "Best of Hartford Readers' Poll". Named as both "Best Beer" and "Best Domestic Beer" was Budwe...

Air-quality regs and NYC BBQ

by Paul Lukas 16 years ago

New Yorkers have been complaining for years that we don't have any real barbecue because of the city's stringent air-quality regulations, which make it nearly impossible to operate a commercial woo...

Rachel Ray's Chambers stove....similar one for sale

by erica 16 years ago

Apropos of the recent thread on this oven, there is one very similar for sale for $400 on Craigslist.org. The seller is in Queens, New York.

Mario Batali interview on Amazon

by wurstle 16 years ago

noticed that Amazon interviewed Batali (thanks to Curbed.com's link) and found it somewhat interesting. thought I'd share it with those of you (see link below) Link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obi...

U.S. Wins War On Obesity

by Leper 16 years ago

If you Chowhounds have never read the Borowitzreport you are missing a daily treat. Especially today's report on winning the war on obesity. The site is: www.borowitzreport.com Enjoy! Link: http:w...

Rant about table space

by TomTom 16 years ago

Last night, SO and I dined at a fairly pricey euro-cuisine restaurant. Hadn’t been there before. We were seated promptly, according to our reservation time, at a two-top arranged comfortably away...

Wax on glass

by LisaM 16 years ago

How can I best and most easily remove hardened candle wax from a glass-topped table? (One plus: it's a piece of glass that's removable and relatively small that I could, for example, bring to the...

"Prime" review in NYT

by Kirk 16 years ago

For those who might have missed it yesterday, below is a link to the New York Times review of Poppy Z. Brite's "Prime." Ms. Brite is a Chowhound contributor (Doc on the New Orleans board and elsew...

is there a chowhound type board for babies

by parent 16 years ago

is there a forum like this where people post about getting good deals on baby stuff, like strollers, diapers, etc and especially baby food and formula? thanks

Airline Meals Website

by Chino Wayne 16 years ago

Check out the story in the NYTimes today about this website, photos of airline meals and all kinds of other info about airline dining. NYTimes article: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/04/17/travel/...

Bourdain Sample Chapter on Dining Out

by Xericx 16 years ago

For those of you that are interested, the excerpt from Kitchen Confidential. Link: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbninquiry.asp?userid=2WZNLBCHFK&ean=9780060934910&displayonly=CHP

So. California - Major network (NBC) airing Cooking Show

by kc girl 16 years ago

Very surprised (yet pleased) to see a half-hour cooking show on one of the four MAJOR TV stations, rather than on its own network (Food TV) or area cable. Does he always use Los Angeles sources? ...

restaurant gift certificates

by blazee 16 years ago

i'm not sure how to handle this, or if there is any etiquette involved, so i defer to my fellow chowhounds. i apologize if this is the wrong board. anyway, here goes... i have two gift certificat...

Need good FLATWARE resource

by Pupster 16 years ago

I'm shopping around for new flatware, and I have hit all the usual suspects: department stores, kitchenware stores, BB&B, Michael C. Fina, Amazon and others, to no avail. Anybody have any good sour...

America's top restaurant, La Lavanderie du Paris

by Krys 16 years ago

My laptop has been unavailable for a few weeks, so I am catching up with my Chowreading. I really did look, but I haven't mention of of this on the board ... and I DID read EVERY post about the ...

hey, everyone who was debating about the cost of the French Laundry

by heidipie 16 years ago

I've written in depth about my lunch on the SF Board. If you feel the topic has not been thrashed to death, let me know your further thoughts... Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/35624#16...

Karen Brown's Online Travel Guides - US and International

by Krys 16 years ago

I was given a free copy of Karen Brown's Portugal: Charming Inns & Itineraries at a Portuguese dinner. While mentioning it in my post, I linked to the site and the guides are on line. If you clic...

Cooks Illustrated TELEMARKETING ME

by PenskeFan 16 years ago

Despite the fact I am on the federal no call list, Cook's Illustrated has decided to impose upon my home and family life by cold calling with solicitations. I undertand they might be in bad finan...

javits center this weekend?

by curious 16 years ago

is there a "foodie" event going on at the javits center this weekend featuring a bunch of restaurants doing brunch for 1,000 sunday morning, or was i told a lie? i'm betting on the lie

my replacement all-clads came, and they're not the same

by pamela 16 years ago

Three of our All-Clads warped so badly, we really couldn't use them on our glass-top stove. Rather than grumble about our expensive mistakes, I contacted All-Clad and was told to send them back. ...

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