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The Museum of Ice Cream Is Coming to Miami

The Museum of Ice Cream Is Coming to Miami

Miami will be the next stop for the immersive experience that's taken New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco by storm.

The Restaurant Lawsuit Baron of Miami

The Restaurant Lawsuit Baron of Miami

by Joyce Slaton | Depending on your point of view, Eddie Santana is either the Robin Hood of restaurant workers or a scam artist. As the Miami New Times...

Michelle Bernstein Makes Sweetbread Shawarma

Michelle Bernstein Makes Sweetbread Shawarma

James Beard-winning chef Michelle Bernstein hangs with Billy Harris at Michy’s in Miami. Before making Sweetbread Shawarma, they discuss Bernstein’s...

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

Learn one of Chowhound's favorite pie recipes: key lime pie. Using just seven ingredients, the four-step guide outlines how to make this classic dish...

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One dinner in South Beach?

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Hi all, Husband and I are spending the night at the Betsy while grandma stays with the kids for our anniversary this December... View full discussion ›

Northern Miami with kids

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We are flying down to Florida from NYC during Thanksgiving week. There will be 4 adults and 4 kids. We will be staying at a resort... View full discussion ›

Adventurous Philly foodies going to Miami for 5 days: recs anywhere in the area please

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We have a reservation at Kyo and we're considering Niu in downtown area. We'll have a car, so we're not limited. Our friend who... View full discussion ›

Best Specific Food Items in South Beach

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Hi, I'm going to be visiting South Beach next week. It's been a few years since I've visited. Hoping to get some recommendations... View full discussion ›


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