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Wine Shop????

by Seth 18 years ago

I have had it with Sam's, their clerks are either ill informed or popmpous jerks and sometimes both. Binny's is no great shakes either. Does anyone know of a decent wine shop in town with a good se...

Where to find chanterelles??

by Tatyana Gourov 18 years ago

Does anyone know where to find fresh chanterelles in NYC? Thanks in advance!

Where can I buy Fresh Sardines?

by Craig 18 years ago

Can anyone suggest a place to buy fresh sardines retail in Manhattan? We have enjoyed them in restaurants but want to try cooking them at home. Thanks

source for Tasso?

by Celery 18 years ago

Anticipating the fall weather and having a craving for red beans and rice I was going to mail order some andouille and tasso from Comeaux's in Louisiana. But because it has to ship either overnite...

Tsukiji Fish Market - (andy p can you help?)

by BlueNY 19 years ago

Anyone, in particular AndyP, I just returned from Japan and had a great time. A little disappointed on my visit to the fish market. My girlfriend (working in Tokyo, living in Daikanyama) and I ...

corn maiden tamales at Trader Joe's

by grow_power 18 years ago

Went to my local Trader Joe's today and noticed that they started supplying Corn Maiden tamales. I remember Corn Maiden from the farmer's markets when I lived down in LA(they are based in Culver c...

New bakery at Cole & Parnassus, former Tassajara site

by Phil Coffino 18 years ago

At the site of the long-closed Tassajara a new bakery opened today- Boulange de Cole Valley. Yesterday afternoon was an opening party. A couple of slices of two different breads that were not ide...

l.a. area farmers markets

by novella 18 years ago

do any of you shop at the farmer's markets in the la area? if so, what are they like? there's talk of me relocating to los angeles but i live in seattle and love places like the pike place market a...

Turkish bread bakery?

by iron frank 18 years ago

I remember reading somewhere(maybe NY Times travel) about a Turkish bakery/takeout place with a huge variety of baked on the premises traditional breads. It sounded amazing and I will be in town t...


by Steve 18 years ago

I'm looking for a great butcher in Brooklyn. Particularly, I'm looking for great ribeye steaks and a wide selection of game. Any suggestions?

Bakery recommendations in Flushing/Fresh Meadows

by Mai 18 years ago

G'day friends, Hoping that someone could kindly recommend a bakery in the Flushing/Fresh Meadows area. Today is my future sisterinlaw's birthday, and we want to get a cake that is "special". Than...

National Bakery, Palms/West LA

by Muhlyssa 18 years ago

I finally stopped in to this little bakery, I was excited to find a "local" bakery, sort of like the ones of days gone by before supermarkets had huge ones. This place was cute. It looks like the...

where can I buy Bar-le-duc currant preserve?

by After Bunny 18 years ago

I have recently heard of this 'jam of kings' and I would like to know if and where it is available in London and whether it is in fact as nice as its hype suggests. I understand it is not available...

Stuff you won't find in the trib's best of - Best neighborhood bakery

by Vital Information 18 years ago

Like the local butcher, the local bakery seems to be a figment of our collective imagination. Actually, a few great local bakeries exist. The best (ok, maybe not based on a monumental sample) ha...

Where are some good Japanese grocery stores on LI ???

by AJWEB.com 18 years ago

Where are some good Japanese grocery stores on Long Island, Nassau county preffered ??? Thanks ! Image: http://www.ajweb.com/art/ajbanner.gif

Romanian butcher shop on BWAY near Steinway

by Dick Campbell 18 years ago

Was walking about the other morning and banged into a Romanian Butcher shop on Broadway about 2 or three blocks east of Steinway on the north hand side of the street. The butcher explained to me t...

Neighborhood wine shops

by Samo 18 years ago

What wine stores do you frequent? Which wine stores are in your neighborhood? What are their strengths? Whom should I seek for help at the stores? How do prices compare with elsewhere? I regularl...

Caribbean American Bakery

by zim 18 years ago

After my huitlacoche fill, we needed something sweet and decide to check out the caribbean american bakery on howard. We ordered from there: 1 plaintain turnover, 1 very large peanut butter cook...

grocery outlets/guilty pleasures

by gordon wing 18 years ago

today's SJ Mercury has an article on shopping at Grocery Outlets (Canned Food Stores)...they are liquidating the inventory of Webvan and specialize in closeouts, overruns, dented cans, new products...

Are Bouley Bakery & Danube Closed ?

by Mao 18 years ago

Tried to get reservations last night at both, but no one picked up. Are they too busy, or just shut? Things must be pretty tough in Tribeca area at the moment. Chanterelle left a msg on my machi...

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