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Russian Baked Goodies in Whippany, NJ

by Jason Perlow 21 years ago

Run, do not walk to the Russian Orthodox Church on Route 10 in Whippany off of Jefferson Road. Here, for the next several weeks, various old ladies in the church kitchen, gifted in the arts of ba...

Where to take the folks in Flushing or Bayside?

by christina z. 22 years ago

They live in Flushing and I want to take them to dinner . . . but where? They're old so I don't want to shock them with foods they're unfamiliar with. They're Greek so they're used to Mediterran...

Anaheim: Best Thai Restaurant

by Adhir 20 years ago

Will be in town for a conference and looking to get a sample of the best restaurants in the area...Any suggestions?? thanks

Firend's Birthday Dinner

by Anne Hird 20 years ago

I am looking for a fun, not too expensive, place south of 23rd St. to take a choosy friend for dinner. Help!

Michael Jordan's Report

by Dave Feldman 21 years ago

A group of 7 old friends went to Michael Jordan's tonight. A couple of us were excited about dining in Grand Central Station, a couple of us were cynical about eating at what might turn out to be ...

new jersey S.O.S

by stephen kaye 20 years ago

howdy folks. I plz need a good hearty everyday type of place near the jersey turnpike exits 5, 4,or 3 for dinner 3/10 eve. nothing fancy, just good, hearty neighborhood type. thx in adv....

Coconut chocolate bars at Mezze

by Adam Stephanides 21 years ago

In the spirit of "quick tips," I had a delicious coconut chocolate bar at Mezze, a quick-lunch place at 10 E. 44th St. It was about two inches by three, with a coconut pudding-like "filling" on to...

Where is it!!!!!!?????

by David Tillyer 21 years ago

Could I ask people to please post where these restaurants are? Someone will post a good or bad review of a restaurant and I will be intrigued, but without saying where it is, I cannot plan my ne...

Nice Restaurant: still consensus pick for Chinatown dinner?

by megan 21 years ago

I am looking for a yummy, cheap, Chinese place to go with a group of six to eight this Friday night. After spending hours dutifully scanning the last few months' worth of posts, I gather that the N...

Place to meet friend for lunch, 2+hrs., under $30

by Jill 21 years ago

I've looked at various posts and just can't find what I'm looking for so it's time to ask for help. My friend is popping into NYC for one day next week and I need a lunch spot that is comfortable...

Knoxville and East Tenn eats

by John T Edge 21 years ago

I'm headed to Knoxville and eastern Tennessee in search of distinctive local joints serving great bbq and Southern cooking, preferably those places that have been around for a long time -- the kind...

The New Wolf's

by dh 20 years ago

I miss the old place on the corner of 57th and 6th Ave. It was a great place to go regardless of your level of hunger. I could sit at the counter and have great chicken soup or indulge in an over-...

Tasting Room - Delightful!

by Cath 21 years ago

Visited the Tasting Room last night on 1st Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues and had a very positive experience all around. I recall seeing some buzz on this new place (3 months old) a while back...


by kate 21 years ago

I loved Acme. I don't know about sitting at a table and all that jazz, but if you grab a seat at the oyster bar (not the regular bar), order some Dixie beer, and just let the shuckers keep on shuck...

Jewish - Manhattan Sammy's Deli

by Tord 21 years ago

This is a fun place - especially when you can sit outside and enjoy your food on the patio in this attractive little square. It's at 1 Kendal Place off Broadway in Cambridge. 617/252-0044 The hour...

Felicia's: Heaven in Hyde Park

by Robert 21 years ago

This morning i woke up with a mysterious craving for a Felicia's jelly donut -- if only it weren't 3,000 miles away. How i envy you Bostonians who need only scoot down to Readville for lunch at Fe...


by karen hanson 20 years ago

Can anyone recommend moderately priced seafood restaurants (NOT family dining style! ) in the St Pete's area that take credit cards ? Thx

Sunday Brunch Debate

by nyc visitor 20 years ago

I just discovered this site and the ChowHound philosophy is my motto also. A group of us will be visiting Manhattan at the end of March and we had a spirited debate on where to go for Sunday ...

Tea tasting

by Barb H. 21 years ago

Went to an interesting tea tasting at a relatively new tea shop on Broadway (Rt. 9) near Main St. in Tarrytown. The place is called Silver Tips (after the buds-only "white" darjeeling). Owner was...

Pepe Rosso's Siblings

by Jim Leff 21 years ago

I just went back to Pepe Rosso to Go again (on Sullivan just south of Houston). As I said in my book, it's one of the most authentic hits of Italy you can get in the city. Not travel poster/glossy ...

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