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great african food

by keith koenigsberg 20 years ago

On Saturday a friend and I ate at Obaa Koryoe, an African restaurant which has been mentioned on this bulletin board once before (see link). The place was empty, and I wonder if they are doing ...

Babbo--Glass Priming ???

by Rosie Saferstein 20 years ago

I had a fantastic dinner at Babbo last night. When we ordered the wine I noticed that the sommelier poured a little wine into each glass and rolled it around. This is called glass priming. I hav...

Wildwood, NJ - Where to eat?

by christina z 20 years ago

Going to Wildwood for a day and a night over the holiday weekend. Gotta eat -- but where? Any suggestions are welcome. Cheap joints, expensive "destinations" - doesn't matter. Thanks.

Lunch in Port Washington

by Susan 20 years ago

Any suggestions for Sunday brunch/lunch in Port Washington. Not too pricey, maybe by the water . . .

five star pujabi, yemen cafe

by jen kalb 20 years ago

a note on two very recent meals - had a so-so dinner at five star punjabi Saturday night - maybe thats a bad time there, cooks night off or something - To start out with, we both noted it smelle...

Inexpensive restaurants

by Ann Boyer 20 years ago

I am planning a trip to New York and would like suggestions for an inexpensive restaurant in Chinatown that serves dim sum, a restaurant in Little Italy that serves quality food at good prices, ...

Calle Ocho

by Jo 20 years ago

I have read all the reviews posted and have decided to take my boyfriend there for his birthday. It is a surprise and I am excited. I hate to ask, but how much am I looking to spend for the two ...

Under the Gun

by Harold 20 years ago

Saturday night is my girlfriend's birthday and I would like to take her to someplace special. I have now called all the 3 stars listed in the Times and the only one available before 11:00 PM is...

Lespinasse vs. Daniel?

by kate 20 years ago

I'm seizing the opportunity offered during restaurant week to try these expensive places and I made two reservations for the same day. I'm going to cancel one, but I can't decide which to give up. ...

A visit to Tindo

by Patrick A. 20 years ago

Went to Tindo last night for the first time in about a year. (I've gone at least twice on Wednesdays, forgetting that they're closed on that day. By the way, the menu claims that they are now op...

Horsefeathers, Tarrytown

by Liza 20 years ago

Had a really nice late lunch at Horsefeathers in Tarrytown. I mean nothing fancy, but an interesting menu of salads, sandwiches, with handmade french fries, nice touches like that. And really cl...

Nice restaurants in Yosemite

by Larry 20 years ago

We will be in Yosemite for 4 days. We already know about Erna's but are looking for other restaurants for lunch and dinner. Oakhurst and Awahnee areas are OK too. Thanks


by Barry Strugatz 20 years ago

Just want to list some of the chow highlights of my recent drive down the coast. Thanks to all who gave me tips. In Oakland: As per web(kennel?)master Bob Okumura. Terrific Vietnames...

Fish Market in Long Beach, CA?

by Heather 20 years ago

Can anyone guide me to a place to get a wide selection of seriously fresh fish? I have tried "special ordering" Opakapaka at Bristol Farms, but not surprisingly they tried to convince me tha...

Any Good Places to Eat in North Brooklyn (besides Northside)?

by Joe D. 20 years ago

I pass by a lot of pint sized restauarants in the North Brooklyn area. Are any of them any good?

Julia Child/Jacques Pepin

by gourmetguy 20 years ago

Now that their new Knopf book (JULIA & JACQUES COOKING AT HOME) is starting to arrive in stores (I just bought my copy at Shakespeare & Co.), does anyone know when their TV serial is going to be...

Dining at City Hall on Duane. Any suggestions?

by Governor 20 years ago

I'm attending a B-day gathering at City Hall. I was hoping to get a little foreshadowing of what to expect. Thanks! Len

Bay Gulls in Broad Channel

by Jeremy 20 years ago

Ellen and I were riding our bikes along Cross Bay Blvd, headed out to the Rockaways, when we started feeling like a snack. Right across the street we saw The Bay Gull Shop, so we stopped in -- a...


by Kitz 20 years ago

First, if you've never been to Guatemala...GO. (More below.) Second, once there eat at Kakao in Guatemala City. Outstanding food and service with multiple regional dishes. Local rum tops thi...

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