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El Asmar rises from the ashes, sort of.

by Jessica 19 years ago

A new little store has appeared on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn Heights, between Court and Clinton, in the same location as the former, much-beloved El Asmar. I went in last night when I saw that it ...

Xmas Eve dinner around $40

by Aliki 19 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a Christmas Eve dinner for 4 people in their early 20's (Read: going in khakis and jeans--no places requiring suits because we don't own any) that has good food and open on Chri...

Trader Joe's in Westfield, NJ

by Deb 20 years ago

Has anyone been there and is this store as wonderful as people say. What should I buy?

Gingers Cafe - Wakefield RI

by Amber 19 years ago

I am planning a wedding in September of next year and would appreciate some comments regarding Gingers Cafe in Wakefield RI. I have never eaten there but plan to soon. Also if anyone has some oth...

Looking fo an update on Asia de Cuba.

ok, so daniel it is

by howler 19 years ago

given your responses, that was easy: i'm having dinner at daniel on the 13th of this month. thanks for the posts. now, is there anything i MUST have? any wonder lurking on the wine list? any divine...

E. Village Palca Sighting

by Steven Stern 19 years ago

Stopped in Chatham & Campbell, a kinda precious little cafe (1st Ave btwn. 6th & 7th) for my morning coffee, and discovered a glass jar on the counter filled with "Margaret Palca's rugelach." Now, ...

Pearson's takeout.... a galoot rebuttal!!!

by Greg 19 years ago

I was originally going to write a long memo to you reguarding your review of the 'regular' clientel at Legends, but decided that it wasn't worth my effort. I would just like to suggest that if you ...

Q's about Fifty-Seven, Fifty-Seven

by Timothy 19 years ago

I'm planning a day trip down to the city around mid-January... Fifty-Seven, Fifty-Seven seems to be right for me as far as location, price, etc for a great lunch. Is it worth my time? The idea of...

AVOID Daweeds, Mt. Adams,Cincinnati

by thoff 19 years ago

Please avoid until they iron out many wrinkles. I have never before ordered a $9 glass of wine to start out while I pondered a wine list only to have a waitress return to my table quite proud of ...

Aspen, Co

by JOEY 19 years ago

Where is the best food in Aspen? Havn't been in years...use to be Pinons. Need romance,good food,,,money doesn't matter(on this trip anyway)

Brown Dog Cafe (Blue Ash)

by thoff 19 years ago

Terrific menu, wine list, presentation and service. Understated quality, good pricing and overall- a terrific meal!!!! It's time that Blue Ash and Montgomery introduced good restaurant options!!!!

Vietnamese and Malaysian Restaurants

by M. Akbar 19 years ago

Can any one suggest very good (inexpensive to mid-priced) Vietnamese and Malaysian restaurants in Queens, NY? Thanks.

#1 Sandwich moves to Manhattan

by PAT HAMMOND 19 years ago

This is in no way an exotic sandwich but it's become almost a tradition when I come New York. Jambon beurre from the little bakery next to Balthazar. Mundane ingredients to be sure, but sweet but...

Tinda and....

by JO 19 years ago

Went to Tindo Friday night and had a great meal. The lobster in ginger scallion sauce was delicious. It was little messy and slippery and became gelatinous towards the end, but still yummy. I wa...

Cello-Beautiful but a disappointment

by Jerry 19 years ago

Went to Cello last night with my wife and four friends. As advertised, the place is absolutely beautiful with comfortable, reasonably spaced tables. The service was somewhat pretentious and highly...


by max 19 years ago

Can anyone who has eaten at this Long Beach restaurant give me an idea of the quality of the food?.


by Jeff Heller 19 years ago

I finally checked out Guyanese-Chinese food. Went to Murines on 183rd St off Queens Blvd. On the advice of a Guyanese guy having lunch at the bar, I asked for shrimp chow mein. This conjured not...

#1 sandwich

by pat hammond 19 years ago

Great find from the fly-over zone! St. Louis has two major asian communities, one in University City, where I live, and one in the City of St. Louis on Grand Blvd. and environs. At 4071 Grand t...

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