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Grilling with wood

by RUBulldog 16 years ago

I've always used charcoal to grill. I want to try using hickory, oak or mesquite. Anybody have any tips on grilling hicken, steaks, tri tip, top round/London Broil over wood?

actual good low cal bagel spread

by annab 16 years ago

I won't reprint the recipe, 'cause of copywright, but I just made a bagel spread from a diet journal with low fat cream cheese, canned salmon and some lemon juice all whipped together. I'm really s...

Shortbread pie crust tips?

by T in DC 16 years ago

Any ideas or tips for making a shortbread pie crust? Having never made shortbread, I am a little intimidated. I’ve been told it’s simple, but often the simplest of recipes are the toughest. To make...

brining and frying turkey

by sfeater 16 years ago

hello. I've read lots of posts about brining turkey and last year I had a great experience frying my turkey. I wanted to combine these two tactics (brining and frying) and I was wondering if any ...

Talkin' Smokin'

by Dax 16 years ago

for the walking bird day, we'll be smoking a bird, frying a bird, probably smoking a shoulder too. Without getting out of hand, would a smoked duck or a smoked goose be better? Maybe we''ll just ...

Red cabbage recipe

by judybird 16 years ago

My German sister-in-law is making duck and spaetzle for Thanksgiving, and asked me to fix a red cabbage dish to go with it. Anyone have a recipe to share? TIA

Looking for specific brussel sprout recipe

by amp156 16 years ago

Someone posted on the Manhattan board looking for a recipe for brussel sprouts w/ chestnuts and bacon. It was from Balducci's, but noone replied. Thought I'd try here. Also interested in any oth...


by Cathy2 16 years ago

Hi, I love and hate meringue. I don't love meringue which does a fine imitation of styrofoam block in texture, appearance or taste. This type is often present and piled high on Lemon Me...

advice on poached pear/puff pastry dessert?

by mtyf 16 years ago

I would like to make something to this effect for thanksgiving dinner, but I am not sure about the details. Was thinking of either poaching or baking pears with cinnamon, vanilla, maybe maple or ...

Tart Dough help needed

by Tracy L. 16 years ago

I made the tart dough for the Pinenut Rosemary Tart from the Last Course. It rolled out beautifully after refrigeration but when I put it in the tart pan it broke and tore. I did little patch jobs...

Stuffed acorn squash

by Buttercup 16 years ago

Picked up some nice golden acorn squash at the market this morning. I want to stuff them with something including ground turkey, some leftover brown rice, onions, pine nuts, chopped zucchini, fresh...

Seeking inspiration for fancy Thanksgiving dessert

by eel 16 years ago

I’ve scoured Epicurious, poured through The Cake Bible, but still have a mental block! I’m trying to come up with a festive, beautiful, memorable, and of course delicious dessert that fits within...

Hazelnut Cardamom Cookies (by request)

by GG Mora 16 years ago

GretchenS requested this recipe: Hazelnut Cardamom Cookies 8 whole cardamom pods 1 c. whole hazelnuts, skins on 1 1/3 c. AP flour 1/2 tsp. baking soda pinch salt 1/2 c. sugar (I use evaporated ...

Treacle Trouble

by Murray 16 years ago

I was supposed to pick up a package of chewy, smooth, delicious black treacle candy for a friend who loves the stuff that I've gotten while passing through Heathrow airport. I forgot. Now I need ...

Microwave buying advice

by Olga 16 years ago

Hello, My old microwave has been slowly but surely dying and now it is taking over 3 minutes to boil a small cup of water. I'm looking to a buy a new microwave and want to get something more powe...

Homemade Food Gifts

by GretchenS 16 years ago

Talk of holiday baking made me think of last January’s great thread on Homemade Food Gifts You Gave (linked below) which had a huge number of great ideas. I hereby request GG Mora’s recipe for ha...

Salt Mills

by squirrel 16 years ago

CTeam, Sorry, I still don't have a handle on what goes where...guess I thought this was more recipes than equipment. Anyone out there have a salt mill they feel strongly about (good or bad)?   I...


by potato head 16 years ago

Help!!!!!! I need all of you chowhounders to back me up on my mashed potato technique. Annoying brother in law insists that I use a hand mixer to mash my potatoes, I prefer to use a ricer. Can som...

nonstick frying pan

by Carrie 16 years ago

Since our Calphalon nonstick frying pan has started peeling, we’re in the market for a new nonstick frying pan. What would you recommend?

Thai chicken coconut soup recipe?

by JessicaSophia 16 years ago

Does anyone have a great recipe for that Thai soup that has coconut milk, chicken, lemongrass, chiles and mushrooms in it? I think it's called Tom Kha Kai. When I have a cold, it's better than c...

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