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whole wheat pizza Gourmet Mag November 1982

by the food guy 16 years ago

I just found a note reminding me of a recipe for Shrimp and Feta pizza on whole wheat crust that appeared in the November 1982 of Gourmet magazine (page 58) Unfortunately, I cannot find it. Does an...

searching for suggestions for quiche ingredients

by Yukari Pratt 16 years ago

Here in Tokyo a friend and I are cooking together once a week exploring new recipes and techniques. Quiche is on the menu for next week. Any suggestions beyond ham and cheese?

Need help with boiling potatoes!

by DanaB 16 years ago

I know that boiling potatoes sounds like a routine kitchen task that everyone should be able to figure out without much thought. I'm fine when boiling potatoes for mashed, because it doesn't matte...

different cooling properties on silpat?

by Ruth Lafler 16 years ago

I made a couple of batches of candy yesterday, and for the first time, turned it out of the pan and cooled it on a silpat. The first batch set up more slowly than usual, and the second batch didn't...

lemon leaves?

by gc 16 years ago

Looking at a couple of different recipes for chocolate garnishes where you brush melted chocolate onto lemon leaves, then carefully peel away. Where do you buy lemon leaves? What else would work?

Puff pastry vs phyllo (filo) pastry?

by Sarah 16 years ago

Are they both the same? I have som phyllo pastry in my freezer, and the recipe I have calls for puff pastry. Can I substitute? Thanks

Quick pre-concert nosh for the folks

by SandraV 16 years ago

So, I've got 2 sets of parents flying in on Thursday, one in the morning, one in the afternoon (4:00 pm). At 7:30 in the evening, we've going to a concert. I'm working all day, splitting home ear...

Can I make gravy ahead of time?

by La Dolce Vita 16 years ago

There was an earlier thread, around Thanksgiving, in which one chowhounder said he makes turkey gravy ahead of time. I am making a goose and a standing rib roast for Saturday. How would I go abou...

Pear Cake Mystery

by missem 16 years ago

Hello all. I had bookmarked the link for GG's pear cake and planned to make it tonight. Unfortunately, I keep getting that 404 error message when I try the link. Could someone repost or e-mail i...

Cooking pernil (fresh ham) - Some questions

by ANCyM 16 years ago

I'll making a pernil (fresh ham) for Christmas dinner. I've made it before but am always looking for suggestions for better cooking. First off, should I let the meat come to room temperature befo...

Non-instant dry milk?

by Redbone 16 years ago

I want to try adding it to homemade yogurt for a creamier product--especially when using fresh goat milk. Where do I find it? Thanks!

Frozen Lobster Tails

by Blanca 16 years ago

Help is needed in time for this Christmas Eve Dinner!! I'd like to serve lobster tails with melted butter as part of the meal but what do I do with the frozen lobster tails I've bought. Dinner is f...

fruit compote side for pork roast

by corydon 16 years ago

I turned all snobby and elitist when my mother told me she was making a marinated pork roast for Xmas eve dinner. I haughtily stated that it required a stewed fruit side. Not that I have ever made ...

panko as breadcrumb for leg of lamb?

by hausfrau 16 years ago

I'm planning on making a roast leg of lamb for Christmas, and I was wondering if panko would be a good style of breadcrumb. So many people have extolled the virtues of panko; however, having never...

How long will rendered duck fat keep?

by farmersdaughter 16 years ago

I've got some left over in the fridge and am wondering how quickly I have to use it up. Thanks!

what do I do with Bijol?

by Yukari Pratt 16 years ago

I must have bought this on a trip (to Miami?) and do not know what to do with it. Condiment Bijol. Corn, Flour, Cumin, Yellow no. 5, Red no. 40 and Annatto. From Bijol and Spices, Inc. in Miami...

Foodsaver: Best Value Storage?

by sbp 16 years ago

(Sorry, posted this on "General" before I noticed cookware is now a "home cooking" issue). Just bought a Tilia Foodsaver Pro III. From reading the directions and watching the video, it seems the ...

Grilling Greens

by bernalgirl 16 years ago

I have had several grilled greens dishes that I find just addictive: grilled romaine, treviso, radicchio. What is the proper technique for this? Do I blanch the greens first or just put them on t...

How long can these brownie-like cookies keep?

by Sir Gawain 16 years ago

I want to make these (see link) chocolate cookies from Claudia Fleming's The Last Course cookbook, but wonder how long they might keep in a tin. What do you think? Link: http://www.epicurious.c...

"Feeding" Clams & Mussels before cooking??? Help!

by Mish 16 years ago

Last year my sister in law was visiting and before she prepared a clam recipe and a mussel recipe, she "fed" the mussels & clams some cornmeal (i think this is what she used) to clean out their sys...

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