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multi-tasking panini grill

by brendab 16 years ago

I'm looking for a panini grill that can also be used as a griddle for eggs, pancakes, and breakfast meats. Anyone have a rec for a dual purpose panini grill with George Foreman tendencies?


by Adrienne 16 years ago

Has anyone here ever made alfajores? A friend and I have made several attempts to get these exactly right (she's trying to impress her Peruvian boyfriend's parents) but we haven't figured out the...

How good is plain yogurt if........or...

by Richie 16 years ago

How good is plain yogurt is you sweeten it yourself with various fruits or artifical sweeteners or non-sugar fake maple syrup? I am trying to watch my simple sugar intake. What are some ideas? Or ...


by Kamaji 16 years ago

Does anyone have any good recipes for pasties? My parents used to make them when I was younger, and I might be able to get them to find the recipe, but I thought I'd ask others if they have any i...

Wow, that's a lot of Jook!

by Susan 16 years ago

First try at making jook, as turkey thighs were on sale at Whole Foods for $1.99 and it seemed an appropriate tribute to Mrs. Yimster, who I never knew...but boy did it make a lot! Not unhappy wi...

Fresh/frozen spinach

by Nyleve 16 years ago

Anyone know what the equivalent amount of fresh spinach would be to a package of frozen? What I mean is - let's say you have a package of frozen spinach. How much fresh would it be equal to. I mean...

Sauce SOS!!

by LisaM 16 years ago

Hi all, I enjoy making my own simple chicken and mushroom dish with a white wine cream sauce, but am having a hard time keeping it from separating, and getting it thick (but not starchy, of cours...

Keeping Cookies Crispy for shipping

by Sixy beast 16 years ago

I have been doing some bakesales at work to raise money for Tsunami Relief. Someone called me and said he would give me 60 bucks to make some cookies to send to his step dad for his birthday on Fri...

stuffed artichokes Italian style?

by efdee 16 years ago

Does anybody have a recipe for traditional, Italian, stuffed artichokes? A vegetarian neighbor used to stuff artichokes with breadcrumbs (?) and bake them with a little olive oil and they were ju...

Cuisinart Food Process for Cake/Cookie batter???

by duffelbag 16 years ago

I gave away my large Kitchenaid mixer to a relative....Now, of course, I wish I had it. I gave it away as I love to make dough by hand and found I was not using my K-A. Anyhow, I had this epiphany...

recipes from Saveur

by rocket 16 years ago

What are your experiences with recipes from Saveur magazine. Do they turn out well?

Patricia Yeo cookbook - anyone tried?

by arifa 16 years ago

I found a pan-asian-californian cookbook by Patricia Yeo at the library (link to Amazon's page below). Her salads look really good (the meat recipes looked pretty interesting, too, but I'm a veget...

yuzu juice

by micah 16 years ago

Finally bought some at the local japanese store after tiring of hearing how yuzu is the best thing in the world from every food magazine for the past year or so. Now what do I do with it? Also, i...

Prime rib

by curiousbaker 16 years ago

Last night I took possession of my share of a cow. I have a nice selection of beef at home - dry-aged, organic, lovely meat. It's also grassfed - I know a lot of people prefer grain-fed, but I lik...

What to do with excess creamcheese frosting?

by Kay McC 16 years ago

Well, I made Nigella's Guinness Cake for the second time today, and just like the time before that I ended up with excess frosting. Now, I've changed it from the original as I found that too sweet ...

Pressure Cooker

by Tugboat 16 years ago

My wife and I (both decent cooks) just purchased a pressure cooker with leftover holiday gift cards. I think I know the basics, but can anyone give me some tips or cool things to make in this con...

pear cake?

by mr. b 16 years ago

i recently discovered my inner cook, and have been loving this board, but i can't seem to find the recipe for the oft discussed pear cake from galleygirl. i found one link that was no longer good....

Venetian Christmas cake

by Zara 16 years ago

Help! I have lost a treasured recipe that I've used for over 20 years -- if memory serves, it was an adaption by James Beard of a Venetian Christmas cake. It was rich and dense, made with cornmeal ...

what does chicken feet do to stock/broth?

by drdawn 16 years ago

The exotic food thread on the GT board got me thinking about whether it was worth including feet in my stockpot, and if so if I needed to prepare/clean it in some special way. Others have suggested...

an immersion blender with a kick?

by obermeier 16 years ago

the truth of the matter is, i like baking, i don't like the mess. so the less washing the better, which is why i use the immersion blender as a food processor. unfortunately, the blender's moto...

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