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Corn Flour what is it?

by 1 wiener hound 15 years ago

I found a recipe for glazed Onions in cider and it calls for corn flour. Being a new cook due to my retirement while my wife still works, I have been trying what I call virtual cooking and trying ...

Corn Flour what is it?

by 1 wiener hound 15 years ago

I found a recipe for glazed Onions in cider and it calls for corn flour. Being a new cook due to my retirement while my wife still works, I have been trying what I call virtual cooking and trying ...

Meatloaf recipe?

by Janie 15 years ago

Does anyone have a really great meatloaf recipe--I don't eat pork, or veal--so, I need one with beef, and should I use sirloin or chuck? I haven't made it in years, and felt like making one--thanks...

Watery butternut squash

by sbp 15 years ago

I make butternut squash on a regular basis. Usually microwave it to get it halfway cooked, then finish up in the oven, saute, whatever. Last week, the squash was so watery and tasteless, it was in...

Baking Question...

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

I want to make Sweet Potato Biscuits (non-yeast variety) but will not have time to make them the day serving. Question: Can I make the dough, roll, cut, freeze, then bake right from the freezer...

Persimmon goat cheese tart - tasty and unusual dessert

by piegirl 15 years ago

I just made this tart this weekend, and thought I would share it in case anyone is looking for any interesting dessert alternative for the holidays. This basic recipe was in the SF Chronicle food ...

your favorite carrot cake recipe?

by efdee 15 years ago

Please help me find an easy and delicious carrot cake recipe. I'm overwhelmed by the number of recipes out there and am just looking for a cake that uses easily available ingredients, doesn't take ...

Delicious Fish Recipe!

by DanaB 15 years ago

Hi All, Just wanted to share a recipe I made last night, adapted from a recipe for bluefish from Marcella Hazan, that came out great! I have friends over for dinner on Sundays pretty regularly, ...

Question re: prepping brussels sprouts

by Christina D 15 years ago

I'm going to make the following recipe for Thanksgiving (many thanks to AGM/Cape Cod). I want to do as much as possible in advance and was hoping to get some thoughts on the best course of action. ...

"The Cheese Board: Collective Works" Lemon Shortbread Warning

by GeckoPig 15 years ago

this is a warning for anyone looking to make the lemon shortbread in the cheese board's cookbook, "the cheese board: collective works." i decided to make some yesterday, and the recipe just didn'...

Sweet Potato Biscuits...

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

I have had sweet potato biscuits on my "to make" list for a couple years now. If anyone has made them, do they taste better than regular biscuits (for Thanksgiving)? Also, if anyone has a parti...

smaller blender container

by yummers 15 years ago

I've seen small (~1 cup) attachments that are just like the normal body of a blender, except smaller -- they thread in to the base just like the usual larger glass part. I have never been able to ...

Menu ideas for the Caribbean

by Kitty 15 years ago

I live on one of the ABC's and all foods are imported. I need to cook in more (and eat out less) but need some basic recipes that are healthy, lower carb and can be cooked on one burner or a crock ...

Cornbread Pudding Recipe?

by Nancy 15 years ago

I am looking for a recipe for a bread pudding made with cornbread to make for Thanksgiving, instead of our usual challah stuffing. I would like to use jalapeno peppers, fresh corn, and cheese. I ...


by FITZHAMMER2000 15 years ago

I usually make crab cakes for a Thansgiving appetizer. Thinking about doing something less labor intensive like a crab dip. Any advice (hot or cold)? Thanks!!!!!

What to do with lots of leftover butternut squash soup

by Caviar 15 years ago

I went a little crazy, and made far more than we can eat. Any creative secondary uses for a lot of roasted butternut squash soup (other than giving it away)?

Need toaster recommendations for breakroom

by Tracy L. 15 years ago

The toaster oven was removed from the office breakroom because it was a fire hazard. We can't replace it with another one but we can get a toaster. I was thinking of taking up a collection to buy a...

bhaingan bhartha

by micah 15 years ago

Does anyone have a really good, tested recipe for bhaingan bhartha? I'm having a dinner party next weekend and it was specifically requested by a friend of mine, but I can't seem to find anything ...

How to cook a wild duck??

by Tela T. 15 years ago

A friend just gave me two fresh ducks - wings, feathers, feet and all - I've cut plenty of things up (from the store) - but never de-feathered/butchered anything - what's the fastest, easiest m...

Baking in Britain

by zuriga 15 years ago

Does anyone have suggestions about baking in the UK? I have trouble converting U.S. recipes with flour here... things aren't the same, measurements seem off etc. Thanks for any help.

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