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Frozen Lobster Tails

by Blanca 15 years ago

Help is needed in time for this Christmas Eve Dinner!! I'd like to serve lobster tails with melted butter as part of the meal but what do I do with the frozen lobster tails I've bought. Dinner is f...

fruit compote side for pork roast

by corydon 15 years ago

I turned all snobby and elitist when my mother told me she was making a marinated pork roast for Xmas eve dinner. I haughtily stated that it required a stewed fruit side. Not that I have ever made ...

panko as breadcrumb for leg of lamb?

by hausfrau 15 years ago

I'm planning on making a roast leg of lamb for Christmas, and I was wondering if panko would be a good style of breadcrumb. So many people have extolled the virtues of panko; however, having never...

How long will rendered duck fat keep?

by farmersdaughter 15 years ago

I've got some left over in the fridge and am wondering how quickly I have to use it up. Thanks!

what do I do with Bijol?

by Yukari Pratt 15 years ago

I must have bought this on a trip (to Miami?) and do not know what to do with it. Condiment Bijol. Corn, Flour, Cumin, Yellow no. 5, Red no. 40 and Annatto. From Bijol and Spices, Inc. in Miami...

Foodsaver: Best Value Storage?

by sbp 15 years ago

(Sorry, posted this on "General" before I noticed cookware is now a "home cooking" issue). Just bought a Tilia Foodsaver Pro III. From reading the directions and watching the video, it seems the ...

Grilling Greens

by bernalgirl 15 years ago

I have had several grilled greens dishes that I find just addictive: grilled romaine, treviso, radicchio. What is the proper technique for this? Do I blanch the greens first or just put them on t...

How long can these brownie-like cookies keep?

by Sir Gawain 15 years ago

I want to make these (see link) chocolate cookies from Claudia Fleming's The Last Course cookbook, but wonder how long they might keep in a tin. What do you think? Link: http://www.epicurious.c...

"Feeding" Clams & Mussels before cooking??? Help!

by Mish 15 years ago

Last year my sister in law was visiting and before she prepared a clam recipe and a mussel recipe, she "fed" the mussels & clams some cornmeal (i think this is what she used) to clean out their sys...

Ricotta cheesecake

by Clarissa 15 years ago

I've never made this before. I don't know where to get homemade ricotta, so I need to use packaged. Will that be okay? Should I, as someone once suggested, puree it in the food processor before ...

Correct order of courses on a menu

by Sixy beast 15 years ago

i am planning a christmas dinner and i pretty much i have my menu set i just cant work out the order (its the crab salad/soup order that causes me most oncern) 1)canapes - mushroom soup - crab...

problem cutting buche de noel

by tenggilis 15 years ago

So I made the buche de noel from The Cake Bible. Followed the recipe exactly, flourless chocolate cake for the roll, whipped cream for the filling, ganache for the frosting. It was delicious to e...

help -- my friends want me to make their wedding cake!

by miss kensington 15 years ago

...and while that sounds like fun, it's also terrifying. I keep having visions of layers collapsing on top of each other during the ceremony. I've done a decent amount of baking, but nothing remo...

Heart healthy food 2 or 3 days worth

by tomh 15 years ago

I'm looking for recipes that are healthy, low fat, high fiber, that can be made on Sunday and will last for a few meals. Any thoughts ?

Lemon Pudding Cake

by annie 15 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for a lemon pudding cake (or the like) which uses homemade pudding instead of a pudding mix? A friend remembers this as his special birthday cake from childhood but no on...

Organizational tips for holiday cooking

by MMRuth 15 years ago

Thought I'd share two of mine in hopes of getting some other ideas. I photocopy the recipes I'm going to use and tape them to my kitchen cupboards with masking tape - this way I don't have to rifl...

Blini recipe; do I need a special pan?

by galleygirl 15 years ago

The Beloved has told me he wants to get caviar for NYE, and splurge on that instead of going out...makes sense to me! I want to make blini to go with them...Anyone have a tried and true recipe and ...

Is it pork? Is it ham? And, what do I do with it?

by Coyote 15 years ago

This item from Publix is labeled "Pork Leg (Fresh Ham) top cutlet, thin sliced." I know how to cook pork cutlets, and I know what to do with ham, but not sure what this is. It looks like veal sca...

Need Mashed Potato Recipe

by texasmensch 15 years ago

Chowhounders, I am looking for a mashed potato recipe. However, I'm trying to make it low fat and cannot use any milk products. I can use margarine, but no butter, cream, or milk. Thanks in...

Homemade Sushi Rolls?

by Sunshine Girl 15 years ago

Has anyone dared? If so, any good recipes to suggest? Spicy tuna? Volcano? Thanks!

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