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Best Baked Brie with fruit Recipe?

by LB 15 years ago

Hi all. I'd like to make a baked brie for a New Year's Eve party I am throwing. One that has fruit - like rasberries - on top. I've looked around for recipes and haven't found many I like. Does any...

New Year's Eve Buffet

by Lisa C 15 years ago

Last year I had 14 people for New Year's Eve and served the following: Sushi Shrimp Cocktail Pate Stuffed Mushrooms ** Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce Julia Child's Braised Salmon Roasted Whi...

Dinner help, please

by Fatemeh 15 years ago

What can I do with one lb of beef stew meat for 2 people... I was going to do a Boeuf Bourgignon, but I seem to have used the other 2lbs of beef I thought I had in the freezer... I'd like to try...

Buffalo wings pt.2

by RUBulldog 15 years ago

Thanks for all the great recipes and suggestions for buffalo wings. I got a deep fryer for XMas and what better way to break it in than with buffalo wings. The margarine really helps. I don't k...

Champagne Cocktails

by DeeDee 15 years ago

I'm thinking about serving champagne cocktails for New Year's Eve...any favorite recipes (besides mimosas of course).

simple white beans recipe

by Yukari Pratt 15 years ago

Am looking for a simple white bean recipe. Have brought some back from Greece where I enjoyed them tapas style. Have rehydrated them, need to finish them off now. Help! What to add? Olive oil? A...

Need recipe for Marcella Hazan's Sardinian "Sheet Music" flatbread

by farmersdaughter 15 years ago

This recipe is in "Marcella Cucina"--I let a friend borrow the book and she is out of town now! Could someone email me the recipe (or post the ingredients and a general description of the method)?...

German Chocolate Cake recipe

by Erin 15 years ago

Does anyone have an exceptional or above average recipe for German chocolate cake? My sister requested it for her birthday cake and I have never made it, despite being an avid baker. There are to...

help save my soup..

by edinaeats 15 years ago

I had three leftover lemon chickens (Hazan) and used them to make a stock of sort- plus the meat. To the stock, I added more lemon, spinach, brown rice, diced onion, Maldon and black pepper, plus...

Payard's Mikado Cake

by GG Mora 15 years ago

I wanted to make a spectacular dessert for yesterday's dinner, so I turned to Francois Payard's "Simply Sensational Desserts" and settled on his Mikado Cake. It was a smashing success, even though ...

Black Eyed Peas Recipe

by texasmensch 15 years ago

We normally make Black Eyed Peas for New Years and we are looking for a new recipe. We normally pre-soak the beans (over night) and then cook them with spicy meat (pastrami or something along tho...

preparing 5 different Christmas dinners

by coll 15 years ago

Just found this article, thought you'd enjoy. Link: http://slate.msn.com/id/2111388/

Zuni Cafe pre-seasoning technique for crown roast a success!

by emdb 15 years ago

After reading so many raves about Judy Rodgers' pre-seasoning technique for meats on CH, I took the Zuni Cafe cookbook out of the library a few weeks ago, searching for inspiration, and found it. ...

what to serve with two lemon chicken?

by edinaeats 15 years ago

I am making Marcella Hazan's two lemon chicken tomorrow night for guests. What should I serve with it? I have whole wheat cous cous- but am open to ALL suggestions! Thanks

Verenikas made with grated potatos

by Josh Goldberg 15 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for verenikas made with grated potatos--a long since gone aunt used to make these--they were apparently time-consuming but fantastic--grated potatoes and shaped into balls...

Bayless/Raichlin Mole Recipes

by David A. 15 years ago

I recently tried Rick Bayless' mole poblano and it was a complete catastrophe. I could swear the proportions are wildly off -- but who knows. I wound up making adjustments and eventually produced a...

Need Help--trying to stove-top smoke fish and having problems

by anna 15 years ago

I am having a dinner party on Thursday and planned on smoking trout on my stove-top smoker, but I went to buy fresh trout and the butcher said trout season is in March. I bought tilapia instead, bu...

Le Creuset recipes

by Jess 15 years ago

I seem to remember a post a long time ago from a lady who was asking for recipes since she had just received her first le creuset as a gift. Well, I received a set of Le Creuset this Christmas and ...

pizza dough

by Ellen MM 15 years ago

Does anyone have the recipe for a pizza dough that's similar to or , even better, the same as the one used at Bertuccci's? I'm visiting in-laws who are NC transplants from New England, and it's so...

meats for a 1 year old with 3 teeth

by balki 15 years ago

Can anyone suggest methods to make meat for my 1 yr. old? Thanks

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