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Mac & Cheese - please!

by Swirvin 15 years ago

While I consider myself to be a fairly competent cook, I have failed countless times at making my favorite comfort food - macaroni and cheese. It seems like it would be so easy...but I typically st...

counter-top deep fryers

by schifrin 15 years ago

My wish list for the kitchen includes a deep-fryer, and I’m assuming that no one’s getting me something from Gaggenau for the holidays... What experiences have you had with counter-top fryers for...

Eating Crow Sandwich

by Kirk 15 years ago

Having offered a number of derisive comments about English food (and its derivatives, such as Canadian "cuisine"), I feel the need to post an apology ... and the "recipe" for a sandwich I enjoyed v...

Osso buco alla Milanese - what kind of white wine?

by KB 15 years ago

Hi all, Thinking about making this dish soon--I made it once and it was incredible, but I don't remember what kind of wine I cooked with. Any recommendations for a variety or specific bottle of d...

Desserts That Have killed Better Men Than Me

by Candy 15 years ago

A friend checked a new cookbook out of the library recently and was raving about the Earl Grey Applesauce in it. The book is a nice little volume with many interesting desserts in it. It is called ...

does preserves good bad?

by edinaeats 15 years ago

I have a jar of apricot preserves that I opened in September. It has been in the refrig- but when I opened it today- I can not tell if the sugar has crystalized or if it is a type of mold. any id...

ideas for empty chocolate cups

by Keri T. 15 years ago

I am having a party next week and bought mini chocolate cups and I would love some ideas on with what I should fill them, if it were summer I would use berries, but I don't think they're quite so g...

fresh ham--need side dishes

by owen 15 years ago

I'm making a fresh ham for Christmas dinner and am looking for side dishes that will be good accompaniments. Some ideas I have are: peas and pancetta wild mushroom bread pudding (such a good rec...

Capsicum Question?

by King of Northern Blvd 15 years ago

While trying to perfect my Pad Thai recipe I have finally settled on the heat. I use 4 or so Thai Bird chilis seeds and all for what I find is the perfect heat....My problem is is that it's like so...

Good crown roast of pork recipe?

by emdb 15 years ago

Does anyone have experience with any of the following roasting recipes for Crown Roast of Pork? I've cooked most other pork cuts, but not this one. The three recipes I've narrowed it down to are ...

Need a recipe for icing my holiday cookies

by Chris VR 15 years ago

I'm looking for an icing that's not brittle, but dries hard enough that it won't rub off easily. And I'd like it to be firm enough that I can pipe it on the cookies. Any suggestions?

looking for a couple China Moon Cookbook recipes

by foodfirst 15 years ago

I got rid of my copy of this cookbook years ago but a couple of recipes stick in my mind. If anyone would be kind enough to just post the ingredients (I can probably figure out/remember the method...

Another Crockpot Debacle

by beanbag 15 years ago

I love the idea of crockpot cooking, but I've been uniformly disappointed by the results. I find that meat tenderizes nicely in the crockpot, but flavor doesn't develop in the same way as on the s...

to serve with chicken w/40 cloves garlic?

by thejulia 15 years ago

i'll be making this awesome recipe tonight, but what wine and veggies should go with it? is a salad the best i can do? (i've already decided i want to keep it to just some crusty baguette)

Vegetarian Christmas Eve

by Aimee 15 years ago

I'm making a vegetarian dinner for four. I'm leaning towards something French-inspired. Perhaps white bean soup, pissaldaire, and salad and cheese. I've never made a bean soup without some sort ...

Any standouts in Bittman's book?

by Pat the cookie 15 years ago

So I bought Bittman's How To Cook Everything. Looks like a great all purpose cookbook, and I'd like to make something out of it right away. For those who own one, do you have any one or two favor...

Extracts vs. oils

by Andrea 15 years ago

Please help! I'm baking a cheesecake tomorrow night and the recipe calls for 2 teaspoons peppermint extract. I have peppermint oil and I'm sure the equivalent of oil is much less than extract. D...

Best Recipe You Acquired This Year

by Sam D. 15 years ago

For me it was the recipe for "Balzano Apple Cake" featured in the NY Times 9/22/04. I've made it five or six times already and it has turned out to be one of my best desserts. Of course it also hel...

Meyer lemon sauce

by curiouscook 15 years ago

I have had Meyer lemon sauce at some high end restaurants in LA and loved it with both meat and fish. Anyone know how to make it? TIA

Good pasta cookbook?

by Richie 15 years ago

Morning, Do any of you have recs for a good pasta and sauce cookbook for part of a xmas gift? Thanks,Richie

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