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Need to make an impressive meal in an hour

by brooklynmasala 15 years ago

This Sat I will have guests visiting. We are planning on going sightseeing all day and getting home around 6 -6:30 in the evening. I want to make a nice dinner but be eating within an hour of get...

Recipe for a whipped cream Ambrosia w/out marshmellows

by Bruin2 15 years ago

Personally, I'm not a fan, but my wife loves ambrosia. I'm looking for a good recipe to make some for her. Thank you. (PS. I realize this is not a complicated dish and if its just mix whipped cream...

Sashimi Oysters

by Katherine 15 years ago

I'm trying to recreate a sashimi oyster dish my DH had in Narita many years ago. He remembers a small dish of pickled oysters - not cooked, but firm because they had been marinated in vinegar, he ...

Why did my chocolate get streaky?

by Redbone 15 years ago

Help! I'm trying to make an assortment of dried, chocolate dipped goodies--ginger, apricots, figs. Thankfully I only did a few last night. On the advice of the pastry chef at work (I'm a line coo...

Favourite Kitchen Tools or Gadgets (X-Mas Help)

by Minor Gourmand 15 years ago

I need to make a X-mas list, and as a new baker, I want the list to be full of useful utilities which I can use over and over again. - So my question is, what are the tools you use in the kitc...

methods for hainan/chinese boiled/whitecut chicken

by thejulia 15 years ago

i know there are a lot of variations in the flavorings and sauces depending on the region, but does anyone have any definitive suggestions on the poaching or steeping or boiling method to render th...

Preserving lemon zest?

by --susan 15 years ago

We've got a lot of lemons. A lot. We're going to freeze the juice, but hate to waste all that great zest. Anyone have a tried-and-true way to successfully preserve the zest without all that love...

what to do with a large bag of cookies

by bluespoon 15 years ago

My friend works in a bakery and I have a huge bag of cookies she gave to me becasue they could not sell them. Does anyone know of anything to make with cookies? I was thinking along the lines of St...

baking in cupcake papers

by kc girl 15 years ago

Should I spray oil or something on the paper baking cups (made for cupcakes) if I am filling them to bake a new product, Almond Roca Buttercrunch Cookie Bar Mix, you think? It's described as "sh...

Fresh Yeast and Dry Pigment

by P. 15 years ago

Two Questions: I'm about to do a fair amount of baking for the holidays and when I went to my local Kitchen supply store [Surfas] they did not have any active dry yeast, only instant and a fresh ...

Holiday treats to make two weeks in advance?

by Pia 15 years ago

I know there have already been several threads about holiday food gifts, but many of the recipes seem like they will only last a few days. Is there anything I can make (cookies, candy, nuts) this w...

Hungarian Sour Cherry Soup

by James G 15 years ago

I am making a batch of Hungarian Sour Cherry Soup (Meggyleves) and have run into a question: when I puree half the cherries with the soup liquid, it does not make clear whether I should pass this p...

Crab mousse or similar spread?

by lqf 15 years ago

I'd like to take advantage of the Dungeness season and prepare something mousse-like with strong crab flavor to serve with toasts or use for endive-stuffing. Any suggestions appreciated.

Kobe and Buffalo Burgers

by Chuck 15 years ago

I love a great burger. Just wondering how much different the tastes of these two burgers are in comparison to the traditional burger I love - 1/2lb fresh hand pattied chuck (85%/15%)cooked medium ...

Italian Bread Salad

by zuriga 15 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for a good bread salad? I saw one the other day on a travel program and had forgotten how yummy they are. Thanks.

What is the best pressure cooker cookbook?

by RachelW 15 years ago

that includes recipes for braised meats.

Fried Olives

by Michael Rodriguez 15 years ago

I've eaten deep-fried olives in a couple of San Francisco restaurants. They were delicious--anchovy-stuffed olives with a very, very light coating of something. I can't duplicate these at home. I'v...

Roasting nuts at home?

by Richie 15 years ago

Morning, I would like to roast and salt nuts at home in the oven. Can I just spray a light coating of canola oil on them instead of soaking them with oil like most recipes I have seen so far? Wha...

Need to find Challah

by kitnimbus 15 years ago

Does anyone know of a good bakery to buy challah at?

Meyer lemon marmalade with lemon thyme

by Emily 15 years ago

Attn Shellfood or Ruth Lafler: Can one of you post the recipe for meyer lemon marmalade with lemon thyme that was mentioned a little while back on this board? I'd love to make a batch for holida...

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