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fois gras

by erly 14 years ago

Couldn't resist the sale at Charles De Gaulle Airport. Bought three very large cans of quality fois gras. Served one ...


Randy K. Lay commented 14 years ago

whisky marmelade?

by dixieday 14 years ago

Anyone have a fabulous recipe for Scottish-style orange marmelade with whisky? want to sate the craving of a scots-lo...


Randy K. Lay commented 14 years ago

spare ribs in the oven

by bearzie 14 years ago

Would like to get a rack of spare ribs at Cosco. After reviewing a number of recipes for oven baked spare ribs, many...


ChrisKC commented 14 years ago

ISO biscotti recipe

by A Fish Called Wanda 14 years ago

I've never made my own biscotti, and thought it would be a fun weekend project. I like biscotti to be firm and good ...


A Fish Called Wanda commented 14 years ago

About Preserved Lemons.... To Shortcut or Not?

by Murray 14 years ago

I'm obsessed with making my first batch of preserved lemons, but I'm conflicted about whether to go with the Paula Wo...


Paula Wolfert commented 14 years ago

Shrimp peeler-deveiner

by 1 wiener hound 14 years ago

Other than fingers, toothpicks, and paper towels. Are there any mechanical devices that do an effective job of peeli...


plum commented 14 years ago

Please recommend your fave Joy of Cooking recipes

by twinmommy 14 years ago

Hi all, I have an old Joy of Cooking. I've heard that the recipes are inconsistent- some are great, others not so ...


Cathy2 commented 14 years ago

Q re: Preserving lemons--juice is cloudy

by eel 14 years ago

I'm preserving lemons for the first time. I'm using Paula Wolfert's 30-day method (basically, meyer lemons quartered...


Christine commented 14 years ago

substitute for wine in cheese fondue

by fladd 14 years ago

As part of a program I do called "Food of the Month" at the school where I teach, I wat to bring in cheese fondue nex...


MikeG commented 14 years ago

extra chipotle peppers in adobo, what do do?

by Wendy Lai 14 years ago

I'd like to make some sort of braising food with the leftover peppers. They are so spicy, it seems most recipe calls...


nja commented 14 years ago

Carbonnade de Boeuf Flamande

by kevind 14 years ago

Looking for a recipe for Carbonnade de Boeuf Flamande. I thought there wa a thread about this last year, but I can't...


melissa commented 14 years ago

question about chili and chocolate

by rkn 14 years ago

Can I add chili powder to any recipe that has chocolate in it to spice it up a bit? I have a recipe that only has th...


melissa commented 14 years ago


by DeeDee 14 years ago

What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes?


melissa commented 14 years ago

Mango Help

by Krissywats 14 years ago

I have organic produce dumped on my doorstep once a week and I love it - always exceptionally high quality and really...


melissa commented 14 years ago

Too much cream cheese!

by mingerspice 14 years ago

I bought a big tub of delicious cream cheese, and used about half for a cookie recipe. Now I have half a tub of cream...


melissa commented 14 years ago

1000 cookbooks

by Sixy Beast 14 years ago

I thought some home cooks on this board might be interested in this little project. It does require some dedication, ...


Sixy beast commented 14 years ago

cast iron skillet

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 14 years ago

I've always been interested in owning one but not quite sure if I'd use it all that much. So I'm wondering what do y...


dixieday commented 14 years ago

Has anyone ever used the Shun Knives from Japan? r/o

by wondering 14 years ago

I was looking at them in Williams Sonoma and was comparing to Wustohf.


Ed S commented 14 years ago

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Alton Brown Leg of lamb

by annab 14 years ago

has anyone ever done the Alton Brown's grilled leg of lamb - he calls it Silence of the Leg O'lamb - in an oven as op...

RESULTS: Marcella Hazan's Milk-Braised Pork

by farmersdaughter 14 years ago

I made Marcella Hazan's milk-braised pork for my dinner party on Saturday, and it's definitely a dish I will repeat. ...


Someguy commented 14 years ago

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