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What are you baking these days? November 2018 edition!

by Caitlin McGrath 17 days ago

November is the perfect time to rev up the oven, at least in the Northern hemisphere, as weather turns colder, days g...


souschef commented 11 minutes ago

Do you bake your Pound Cake in a cold oven or pre-heated oven?

by hungryinmanhattan 2 days ago

Do you bake your Pound Cake in a cold oven or pre-heated oven? I have to bring one to the holiday function, and I see...


Splendid Spatula commented 1 day ago

Help with a Turkey

by kitt614 2 days ago

The wife and I decided we were going to host thanksgiving this year. Originally, it was only going to be a handful of...


fourunder commented 2 days ago

Nitro coffee in baking?

by maggieeats 2 days ago

I want to sub coffee for Guinness beer in Gramercy Tavlern's Gingerbread cake and many reviewers suggest coffee. Sinc...


Hawashingtonian commented 2 days ago

Use Cake Flour for a great chocolate cake or follow recipe and use AP?

by FrznrthS 3 days ago

Hi I'm wanting to make a great chocolate layer cake for someone's birthday. All the recipes I've looked at call for...


janniecooks commented 2 days ago

Help finding a Bon Appetit recipe published 1980-1993

by Knitefairy 3 years ago

I used a Chocolate Cheese Cake recipe that I can not find. I believe it was in a Nov or Dec issue 1980-1993. It h...


bayleaf commented 2 days ago

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Making homemade doughnuts: Recipes, please!

by rawright 3 days ago

I tried making homemade apple fritters this weekend. I didn't have any yeast so I tried a recipe that called for yeas...

Alternatives to Transferring Pan to Oven

by EliM 4 days ago

Hi everyone! I'm new to Chowhound. Thanks in advance for your help! My girlfriend's grandparents are visiting us ...


PSRaT commented 4 days ago

ISO pie recipes that don't use cinnamon/nutmeg and the like or stonefruit

by ebenay 5 days ago

I know I could just omit these items, but I tend to like making recipes exactly how they're meant to be if they're kn...


tcamp commented 4 days ago

Grandma's Torte recipe - possibly Serbian?

by Splendid Spatula 10 days ago

Hi Hounds, Seeking a recipe for something like the Grandma's Torte served at Milwaukee's Three Brothers restaurant. ...


BigG commented 4 days ago

Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies

by Nooshijoon 5 days ago

I am completely addicted to the salted chocolate rye cookies at a local Vancouver bakery called Batard. I have trie...


Foxeyblue commented 5 days ago

Baking with hops

by pulled pork 2 years ago

Does anyone know about baking with hops? I can see using an IPA style hops as a flavoring in baked goods but not sur...


OliverTwist77 commented 6 days ago

Bon Appétit Turkey recipe for 2 birds

by jmendenhall829 7 days ago

Hello. I am attempting to try Bon Appétit's turkey recipe for a 14-lb bird, except trying to double it to 2 14-lb ...


hotoynoodle commented 6 days ago

Emergency cake question - Ottolenghi cake

by beetlebug 9 days ago

I made Ottolenghi's Apple and Olive oil cake with maple frosting the other night. I made it ahead of time to be serve...


hotoynoodle commented 6 days ago

Butter Cream & Cheese Cream Frosting

by starzzz 8 days ago

I am attempting to make a vanilla sponge Peppa Pig birthday cake for my daughters 3rd birthday. I have the recipe and...

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 7 days ago

Tangzhong Roux FAQ

by Antilope 4 years ago

I put together this FAQ about using a Tangzhong Roux in yeast breads based on my experiences using the technique. . ...


alisaunt commented 9 days ago

Can I replace some of the butter with oil in a cake?

by hungryinmanhattan 11 days ago

Can i replace some of the butter with oil in a cake? I like a moist cake like oil-based cakes give but I love the tas...

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 10 days ago

Variations on apple pie?

by christy319 16 days ago

Can anyone recommend a pie recipe that has apples and another major flavor? I love the idea of apple pie, I've tried ...


Cerise1 commented 12 days ago