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What are you baking these days? July, 2018 edition!

by buttertart 15 days ago

So it's Canada Day and my MIL's 95th birthday! Big party here. Have made 2 cakes, both Bravetart, the Devil's Food ...


migmigmig commented 10 hours ago

Hard, but Flavorful Peaches

by soccermom13 23 hours ago

We have had great luck in the past with Trader Joe's stone fruit, but not this time. I am stuck with 8 or so very ha...


Ttrockwood commented 14 hours ago

Making Salted Caramel from Regular Caramels

by dawnsona 1 day ago

I’m planning on making salted caramel tartlets. The recipe calls for melting soft salted caramels with cream. I haven...


dawnsona commented 17 hours ago

Blueberry show-stopper

by Dave MP 17 days ago

I bought a bunch of really nice fresh blueberries today. I am tempted to eat all of them by the handful, but I am try...


Querencia commented 4 days ago

Ladyfinger dessert other than tiramisu?

by bsugarcream 8 days ago

My daughter loves ladyfingers but not tiramisu. Are there any other good desserts that use ladyfingers?


luckyfatima commented 5 days ago

Boiling Brandy in preparation for frosting

by hippophant 9 days ago

So there is a lot of discussion on many threads about how much alcohol is actually left and cooking with it. I can't...


acgold7 commented 8 days ago

How to reduce sugar in a baking recipe without wrecking the entire dish? Or, a savoury banana bread recipe?

by mollyw 6 years ago

I like eating baked goods, but I'm not a big fan of sweet stuff. I've made loads of savoury cakes and muffins and so ...


masha commented 10 days ago

The right flour for Biscotti that SOAKS coffee

by beadaholic 11 days ago

Hi, I would like to produce a very good biscotti. I have tried like 5 or 6 recipes but they do not soak up coffee lik...


beadaholic commented 10 days ago

DOTM April 2018: No-Knead Bread

by RainyRamone 4 months ago

Welcome to our Dish of the Month reporting thread for April 2018! Our dish, this month, is No-Knead Bread. No-kn...


islandmermaid commented 11 days ago

Baking "no bake" cookies

by Foxeyblue 14 days ago

I see some lovely recipes for no-bake cookies and bars. They typically have wholesome sounding ingredients such as oa...


Foxeyblue commented 11 days ago

Meringue base

by Neetie 14 days ago

I am trying to make a meringue base for a schaum torte but the only oven I have is a panasonic combination microwave....


Ttrockwood commented 13 days ago

Sourdough Starter Help?

by Briennewitt 17 days ago

I started a sourdough starter last week using Nancy Silvertons method. I fed it last night and again this morning but...


MikeG commented 15 days ago

Pure Rhubarb Pie Recipe Sought

by nofunlatte 4 months ago

Hello, 'hounds! Despite being the end of March (and, ergo, "spring" here in the Midwestern US), the winter doesn't se...


nofunlatte commented 15 days ago

Best way to bake a sweet potato in the oven?

by LA 14 years ago

to foil or not to foil? what temp is best? and for how long? I know that it depends on the oven, but general recs wou...


banosk commented 19 days ago

Rosemary Olive oil cake

by kaysheh 27 days ago

I want to make Cooks illustrated's Olive oil cake with rosemary Olive oil instead of regular Olive oil. Yay or nay?


kaysheh commented 21 days ago

Momofuku Milk Bar Recipes

by nemo 1 year ago

Did a site search but maybe I missed something on this topic. Ever hopeful, I tried them all, well, not the entire c...


karriebud commented 25 days ago