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Cook Friends/Family Who Keep Secrets

by kaleokahu 4 months ago

I just posted a recipe-specific thread on Home Cooking, but I thought I'd also post here about close friends and family who make certain dishes really well, but who won't share the secrets to their...

Extra Tenderized?

by mtskeeter 3 months ago

Has anyone had an experience with "extra tenderized" meat? I am assuming the tenderizing is done mechanically. Recently I caved and bought a package of cube steaks that were stickered with "extra t...

Watermelon Controversy! - Seeded vs. Seedless?

by StriperGuy 19 years ago

At our July 4th cookout were were discussing the merits of seeded vs. seedless watermelon. My feeling is that old fashioned watermelon, with seeds, is sweeter, juicier, and has a better texture. ...

How will you handle Grandparent's Day this year, Sept. 13th?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

It doesn't get as much publicity as Mother's Day and Father's Day, but Grandparents like to be a part of the love, too. Finding the right tags for this post has not been easy. Grandparent's Day fal...

Best by/expired food

by Chatsworth 10 months ago

I know people's tolerance (or not) for food past its expiration date has come up often, but I had to share that I finally opened a tub of Greek yogurt with a date of May 10, 2020. If there had bee...

Foaming watermelon NOT thrown away

by Boleslaw 3 months ago

I bought a watermelon on 8/29/2021, stored it on my kitchen table. It started foaming M evening 8/30. I washed it off and put it in the fridge to cool. Today on T, I cut it into cubes. The melo...

The "magic" of cryovac - after breaking down a sub-primal... clock ticking?

by Nobody_Speshul 3 months ago

Hi. Sometimes my grocer offers large subprimal cuts in cryovac at great prices. I've twice now bought their round subprimal and broken it down into several roasts, a bunch of breakfast steaks, an...

Would you let a local restaurant know their food has gone downhill?

by VFish 5 months ago

So, this may spark some conversation. We have gotten take out from this locally owned restaurant for a very long time, close to two decades. Last few times I've gotten this food it has been at on...

Restos adding credit card processing fees to your bill...

by gutreactions 6 months ago

I have noticed it more and more. Restaurants are posting up to a 3% processing fee to your final bill. I guess its an effort to defray some of the loss eateries incur to credit card companies. They...

Pickled Tamarind Leaf

by Steve 3 months ago

I was about to buy a jar of pickled tamarind leaf form my local Thai Market (Rabeing, Bailey’s Crossroads) when I got a quizzical look from the cashier. “That is very hard to cook with. You shoul...

Italian "Gaduna" or "Garduna?"

by suburbanite889 8 years ago

So every Spring, my grandfather would take us kids to the local farm park to pick what we called "gaduna." He said it grew well in sandy soil, and it looked similar to rhubarb in its stem, with alm...

SugarBee Apples

by jammy 3 months ago

A bag of SugarBee Apples was an impulse buy at the local grocery store. I hadn't seen this variety before and I LOVE apples. This one is going into the shopping basket on a regular basis now. It's ...

Why is there no fresh guanabana in the US?

by Steve 12 years ago

Guanabana (aka Soursop) is a tropical fruit that seems to be unavailable in the US, except for frozen pulp and the like. Does anyone know why? It's amazingly popular, and you can find the juice i...

Fridge organization - change out containers?

by michaeljc70 4 months ago

My fridge is always full. It is mostly condiment type stuff. I am wondering if I should start putting everything in labelled, stackable deli containers. I've tried some bins, but items just don'...

Is now the proper time to cash in those gift cards?

by gutreactions 9 months ago

We had accumulated a load of dining gift cards from friends and family prior to the pandemic one year ago. We also had purchased a few during the past year to help some local favorite eateries. Do ...

Dried hominy weight

by JeroenSteinfort 1 year ago

I bought some dried hominy but for the recipe I need to soak and drain it overnight. I have found that the hominy increases in volume when soaked (about 3 times) but I can't find anything about how...

Atlantic vs Pacific Cod - do you have a preference?

by fldhkybnva 8 years ago

While I live on the East Coast, it seems the only cod in the market (previously frozen varieties) is Pacific Cod. I know that cod is quite mild, but I remember it had some natural flavor, less tha...

Help! My Bananas Go from Green to Brown [Moved from Home Cooking board]

by ariellasdaddy 14 years ago

I like to buy bananas in, say, Costco, where they sell for 4 lbs for $1.33 but they're totally greeen. I keep them in my kitchen on a banana stand, and they start to brown before they've become yel...