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Discuss chow in general, including personal preferences (ketchup or mayo on fries?), national cuisines, discontinued products, and other sundries.

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Freezing Chocolate Truffles

by jasmine 13 years ago

Can you do it? If not, how long will they stay fresh. Thanks.

Chinese vs Italian Pine Nuts (pignoli)..big price difference. Taste difference?

by erica 12 years ago

The Italian ones are quite expensive in the Manhattan shops I visited recently. (Fairway; Buon Italia, etc) Chinese are available for much less per pound. Is there any reason to continue buying t...

Speaking of SARDINES...how do you eat them?

by liu 13 years ago

I saw a wonderful post -- if you scroll down you will see it, too! -- on the best sardines to buy. Thanks for all this information! I love sardines with mayo, but in trying to watch the fat, what...

Croissants and the memory ofChef Maurice G. Leduc of La Patisserie Francais and then Autre Chose in Cambridge, MA in the 1980′s.

by laraffinee 6 years ago

Are any of you Chowhounds familiar with these croissants? These were the best I have ever had in my life.....and I lived in Paris for two years and scoured the streets looking for such perfection....

Roe in Canned Sardines? Is this weird

by veebee 13 years ago

Ok, Opened a can of Porteguese sardines and was happily eating away until a little pocket of eggs popped out of the belly of one of them and it looked very very much like a roe sack from a shad I o...

Is it possible to find canned sardines without the brown "rust"

by Big_Salad 8 years ago

I scrape the brown off sardines because it's gross, as well as the gray from imperfectly cooked salmon. Lemon juice helps prevent this (browning in apples too) for scientific reasons I won't bore y...

honey-walnut prawns: anyone know their origins?

by tatamagouche 11 years ago

Wondering how this guilty pleasure came to be. A quick Google search merely points to its bastardization.

Straight vs tapered mattarello

by gardenvespers 1 month ago

Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone can explain the differences between rolling out pasta by hand using a straight mattarello vs a mattarello that tapers toward one end. Is one better than the other? D...

Does anyone know anything about aquafaba?

by Howard_2 1 month ago

Aquafaba is the water that chickpeas are packed in. I've read that it can be used like egg whites--can be whipped like eggwhites, used in cooking like them. I've just started experimenting with...

Anyone know what this is?

by CygnusX1 1 month ago

Trying to identify this for a friend. I feel like I should know what it is, but it's escaping me.

Pho Attack

by danna 10 years ago

I ate a nice bowl of Pho Tai about an hour ago. About the time I finished slurping it up, I felt this WEIRD sensation. Like my head was being compressed. From my collarbones, up my neck and into...

Need help with a product

by DWDinAtlanta 1 month ago

My mother in law was Japanese. She had many Korean friends. So not sure if this is a Japanese or Korean product. I have a recipe she gave me, my kids loved it and they both have asked about it r...

Gigantic Winter Melon for Sale

by Steve 1 month ago

I was outside a small Vietnamese market near my home and snapped the photo below. These are winter melons. I have never seen these monsters before. A lady explained to me that in Vietnam a fami...

Sweet and Sour Walnuts

by Ciaolette 16 years ago

I would like to make a dish I remember having at a Vegetarian Chinese restaurant. It was battered and fried walnuts in a sweet sour sauce. I know how to make the sauce but I wonder what type of bat...

Am I the only one who doesn't eat fruit or a lot of vegetables?

by pariscatlia 1 month ago

So please tell me I'm not the only one. Now I'm not joking, but the only fruit I eat is raisins and olives. Yes olives are a fruit surprisingly (I've done my research). And pretty much the only veg...

I let my dried beans soak too long. Are they fermented now? How bad would that be, anyway?

by Tartinet 12 years ago

Okay, so I had great plans to save money by soaking and cooking my own beans. I put them in to soak, and then got super-busy and kept putting off cooking them. It has now been two days of soaking i...

South Indian vs North Indian food

by Morton the Mousse 14 years ago

A discussion on the SF board has left me wondering about this. Of course, there are hundreds of distinct, ethnic cuisines in India, but in California you tend to see Indian food labeled as either ...

CA Bay Area. What are you cooking during the blackout?

by seefoo 1 month ago

Trying to have some fun during all of this. I’m drinking all my beer for starters. I see a seafood blitzkrieg in my future. I have lots of tuna and salmon. I’ll be pulling out my two burner Cam...

Cranberry opened and unrefrigerated

by michaeljc70 1 month ago

So, I am going to be staying somewhere without a fridge. I like cranberry (vodka helps too). My question is, how long will the cranberry (Ocean Spray, not refrigerated when I bought it) last wit...

Seattle and Portland

by mboxermd 2 months ago

Three couples from New York traveling to Seattle - Portland and some of the coastal towns for seven nights. Trying to figure out the best way to fly in and out of the area - some great restaurants ...