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Discuss chow in general, including personal preferences (ketchup or mayo on fries?), national cuisines, discontinued products, and other sundries.

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The best thing your school cafeteria served

by fluffernutter 12 years ago

At JG school back in the sixties, it was the cornbread: hot, salty, greasy. And the homemade peanut butter cookies. What was the best thing cooked at your school cafeteria?

In Memory: Yung Sing Pastry Shop

by syoung 8 months ago

On about Nov 29, 2009, Yung Sing put up a note on the window saying they were closed for renovations, but alas they never did reopen. Today the remnants of the store is still there, shuttered up wi...

Chinese style bear paws

by irbaboon 24 days ago

Let me prefer this by saying I do not support the bile trade or poaching. I am merely curious. Has anyone here ever tried them, can you describe how they taste or do you know of any detailed writte...

Freezing Chocolate Truffles

by jasmine 13 years ago

Can you do it? If not, how long will they stay fresh. Thanks.

Zucchini and Stomach Pain

by AngMacgill 1 year ago

I have found that sometimes when I eat zucchini I get horrible stomach pains. Other times I'm fine. I have tried paying close attention to what I am eating and how it is cooked. The only common den...

Bastille Day, July 14th: time to think French...

by gutreactions 1 month ago

Will you be marking the day with some French favorites from your kitchen? Perhaps a meal out at a French bistro? I do enjoy the French culinary and we will be visiting a popular Gallic spot in our ...

Percentage of cocoa mass and butter in chocolate bars

by the3rdPoliceman 26 days ago

I'm making chocolate ice cream and it's turning out a bit grainy - I read that it's because of the cocoa butter, and that I'd have better results with a chocolate with lower cocoa butter. In most o...

Food Safety - Frozen Meat

by jjohio 29 days ago

Disclaimer - ever since I had kids I've become a psycho about food safety because I don't want to give my kids food poisoning then be up with a sick child all night lol. Alright so story. We got...

Pizza Pet Peeve - Do You 'Blot' the Top of The Pizza With a Paper Towel or Napkin?

by treb 3 months ago

With a lot of pizza being consumed these days, I've been with some folks who will blot the top of their pizza slice with a napkin or paper towel. There's one particular pizza that I order that ...

What did you taste that was astonishingly good?

by mashemup 1 month ago

I spent an astonishing amount of time figuring out how to phrase the question. So it probably requires a little more explanation. The first time I had Tom Kha Gai soup, many years ago, I couldn’t b...

Sushi Chefs-do they have to be Japanese?

by foodlovergeneral 8 years ago

Do Sushi chefs have to be Japanese? Lau on chowhound had a lengthy post related to Yuba restaurant. He began with his skepticism about Chinese chefs making sushi (I believe he is Chinese) yet con...

Have to transport some frozen peanutbutter pie in 90 degree heat

by hjd1 29 days ago

Hi, I have to bring a frozen peanut butter pie on about a 20 min bike ride. Any way of doing this w/o dry ice where it isn't a puddle?

Food safety question

by sallyt 1 month ago

Hi - when returning from grocery shopping, I accidentally left 3 lbs of raw chicken breast on the floor of the kitchen for 2 hours. Kitchen was 75 degrees. The chicken was still cold when I put it ...

Slicing raw meat on a deli slicer

by duececity 1 month ago

Is it recommended to partially freeze raw meat before shaving it on a deli slicer?

Anywhere to get shish Barak, josh para, or manti

by ilnazn 2 months ago

I’m looking for somewhere in Vancouver that sells shish Batak/ manti, a type of dumpling similar to tortellini popular in the Middle East and Central Asia. Is there anywhere that sells it pre made ...

Subsitute for anchovies?

by Dipsy 17 years ago

I made a red pepper relish yesterday that called for anchovies. I omitted them because I don't like to force them on unsuspecting visitors. Alas the relish was mighty bland, even though it also ha...

The Unruly Taco: where do you draw the line?

by gutreactions 2 months ago

The other day were at a new Mexican restaurant and ordered 4 different tacos. They came out overstuffed with product. That's fine, they were darn good. Problem is eating them was an unwieldly proce...

Anyone Else Love Dried Parsley?

by zackly 1 month ago

Now, I love fresh Italian parsley but I rarely have it in the house, choosing instead to keep fresh cilantro on hand, although they are frequently not interchangeable. I've always thought of dried ...

Parmigiano Rind Olive Oil Bread Dip

by JoeBronxLA 1 month ago

I've been given an "ANCIENT" family recipe using Parmigiano Rinds, Garlic Cloves, Oregano, and EV Olive Oil to make infused Olive Oil Dip...should this dip age in the fridge or on a dark cupboard s...

Biscotti after a 1500 mile journey by car

by soccermom13 1 month ago

I'd like to make some biscotti at my home then: **package them one slice/cookie per wax paper bag **put the packages in a Tupperware container in our air-conditioned condo **drive the Tupperware...