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General Discussion

Discuss chow in general, including personal preferences (ketchup or mayo on fries?), national cuisines, discontinued products, and other sundries.

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Madison Sqaure Garden Restaurants

by Barbara D. 20 years ago

I'll be attending a concert at Madison Square Garden on 8/6. Can anyone recommend a good, moderate $$ nearby restau...

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Blue Ribbon Bakery

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

I just went to Blue Ribbon Bakery...check out my impressions in the What Jim Had For Dinner Last Night section ([BR...

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Eric A's Barbecue Review - July 15th

by Christina Z. 20 years ago

Jim, Nice mention in Eric A's article on barbecque in The Times today. Looking forward to reading your book in O...

Breaking News!

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

Bad News: Georgie's Pastries and Better Crust Bakery have closed Good News: Charles Southern Kitchen's all-you-can-e...


Glenn Sundel commented 20 years ago

Molly O'Neill on PBS

by John Knoesel 21 years ago

Made my first donation to PBS in the hope that more programs about chowhounding are produced by, for and about the ...


PJ O'Connor commented 20 years ago

Fast Food for Everyone

by Beth 20 years ago

Burger King and McDonalds restaurants would like to offer a vegetarian burger option, but they need our help to do ...


Joseph Rothenberg commented 20 years ago

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tarte flambe

by Joseph Rothenberg 20 years ago

Just returned from Alsace, France. A great delicacy in that area is tarte flambe - a sort of elegant French version o...


by Peter Palmieri 21 years ago

Am curious if anyone belongs to the Slow-Food movement which is headquarted in Bra, Piemonte, Italy. I am always lo...


Lothar Tubbesing - germany commented 20 years ago

Looking for Romance

by KP 20 years ago

I currently go to college in Boston and my girlfriend goes to Rutgers(New Brunswick) in NJ... I get to visit her ev...


Sandy Paik commented 20 years ago

Soup Man Dances on Seinfeld's Grave

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

Al Yeganeh, the Soup Man, plans a day of celebration this Thursday (the day of the final Seinfeld broadcast). All sor...


Dave Feldman commented 20 years ago

Restaurant Notes

by Peter Palmieri 20 years ago

Last week drove up to "The Mason Jar" in Mahwah, NJ on route #202, just off route #17 where I enjoyed a very good p...


Josh commented 20 years ago

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A good week for chowhounding !

by John Knoesel 20 years ago

What's up everyone? Sat. nite @ Christo's Hasapos in Astoria was real nice! Great meze and a dynamite porterhouse for...

ChowHound Help, Por Favor....

by Lisa Antinore 20 years ago

I recently accepted a weekly restaurant review column for Queens Ledger Papers. They produce seventeen different com...


Peter Palmieri commented 20 years ago

Place for a crowd?

by Alan Divack 20 years ago

I am looking for a good place for a crowd, probably about 20-25 people, to go on a Friday or Saturday night in abou...


Alan Divack commented 20 years ago

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guide to Portland restaurants

by 20 years ago

I also posted this in the "elsewhere" topic... My first foray into web publishing is an unofficial guide to Portla...

A Chowhound with kids needs places to go!

by Lisa R. 20 years ago

We are looking for a place for tomorrow night- and any other nights- for my family and another, four kids total!-to...


Lisa R. commented 20 years ago

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Carolinas BBQ

by Elliot Apter 20 years ago

Interesting question arose during a food debate today. Had people from two of the three carolina BBQ zones (E. N...


Need Suggestions for Monthly "Risk-Your-Life-For-Food-Night"

by amy tarshis 20 years ago

Every month I try to get a few people together for what I call a "Risk Your Life For Food Night". The idea is to go o...


Lisa R. commented 20 years ago

Sumptuous Seder Treat???

by Lisa Antinore 20 years ago

This nice Catholic girl is going to her first Seder in a few weeks and would like some suggestions about something re...


Lisa R. commented 20 years ago

Goy needs help for Seder

by Jim Dixon 20 years ago

We’re hosting a Seder this year for the first time (for me, wife’s first husband was Jewish, and she r...


Lisa R. commented 20 years ago

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