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Sing It, Sugar Junkies

English rapper Mc Burberry mocks the fat and the sugar-addicted with this song, "Eatin Sweeties," that's both offensive and amusing. Not sa... READ MORE

Early Jolly Green Giant or Satanic Imp in a Toga?

This spot was made for the Minnesota Valley Canning Company, which later re-named itself Green Giant after the great success of the masco... READ MORE

Wendy’s Drink Training or DeBarge Video?

A couple of musical Wendy's training videos that will leave you speechless. READ MORE

The Anatomy of a Burger Lover

Josh Ozersky, burger lover extraordinaire, takes a moment on tape to analyze himself and his fellow burger lovers. READ MORE

Junk Food Is a Secret Government Eugenics Program!

Like any other person, I enjoy a good conspiracy rant, and Alex Jones' "Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed" is better than most, simply beca... READ MORE

When Lovin’ It Goes Overboard

People sure do enjoy their McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. This video—number-one story on BBC News as of Tuesday, 6 p.m. Central time—s... READ MORE

An Irrational Fear of Peaches

"I understand if you don't like peaches. But you're scared of peaches," says Maury Povich, unhelpfully. Stay tuned at least for t... READ MORE

The Biggest Restaurant Rooftop Garden Ever?

A New York restaurant builds an ambitious hydroponic garden on the roof. READ MORE

My Name Is Mariah and I Hate Pickles

Speechless. Is she faking it? And how can Maury live with himself after taunting her like that with trays of pickles? It's brutal. ... READ MORE

Underground Sandwich-Dealing Jumps the Shark

A covert Today Show appearance doesn't make it look so cool anymore. READ MORE