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OK Go Is Toast

OK Go's new video works wonders in the very humble medium of toasted bread. READ MORE

Food Commercials from Old-Timey Times

A Chowhound post on Old Food or Product Commercials that You Miss? made me want to do some digging on YouTube. Waste some time in the way-back machine and sit way too close to the screen with me now! Can't help but notice that the next thing about to come on after this old Mazola commercial is the Paul Lynde Halloween Special. Man oh MAN do I want to watch that! READ MORE

Pumpkin + Beer = Clever … For a Minute

Salon featured a video yesterday on brewing beer in a pumpkin, and both the topic (cask-o'-lantern) and the franchise (Working Class Foodies) struck me as clever. (The video is actually a show from Hungry Nation.) READ MORE

SF Coffee Wars in Ken Burns Fashion

The SF-based sketch comedy group Killing My Lobster spoofs hipsters, the coffee craze, and those grainy, old-timey History Channel document... READ MORE

Snickers Satisfies and Terrifies

A new ad for Snickers succeeds where virtually all other ads fail: It's really kind of scary. READ MORE

Hamburgers Are Heroin

A new anti-child obesity commercial says "just say no" to junk food in pretty stark terms. READ MORE

How to Make an Illegal Harlem Street Beverage

Nutcracker, a dangerous underground fruit punch alcohol from Harlem, is getting some mainstream media love. READ MORE

A Gummy Bear Dies With Style

How one gummy bear met a spectacular and explosive end. READ MORE

Fast Food Kills!

So says the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nonprofit that operates much in the mold of the Center for Science in the Pub... READ MORE

Surreal Japanese Cough Drop Commercial

Japanese commercial concept: Sometimes a really great cough drop is all it takes to unlock the total psychosis within. READ MORE