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The Agenda of Cats with Thumbs

A milk company explores the dark future of cats with thumbs. READ MORE

Dr Pepper TEN Scorns Female Customers

All right, we get it, the rollout of "midcalorie" soda Dr Pepper TEN is supposed to corner the "dudes who like diet drinks but don't like l... READ MORE

8 Stomach-Turning Food Commercials

8 Stomach-Turning Food Commercials

Why oh why do food companies want to make us sick to our stomachs? 1. Carl's Jr: If the hideous sounds of smacking, slurping, and munching don't get you, the face-covered-in-what-looks-like-puke most definitely will. READ MORE

The Best (and Worst) Food Ads from Super Bowl 45

The best (and worst!) of the food and drink ads from Super Bowl 45. READ MORE

Sexually Confusing Colombian Hooters Commercial

OK, so I only speak menu Spanish so I'm not sure what the message of this food ad is, but I think I might now be sexually attracted to mot... READ MORE

Making Yule Logs Is NOT Difficult

For a cake that comes out looking so incredibly fancy, a yule log (or bûche de Noël) is surprisingly easy to make. It's basically... READ MORE

Transform Rice Into Bread with a Magic Machine

A crazy new bread machine makes its loaves with rice, rather than flour. READ MORE

Brain-Melting Japanese Candy Ad

You can always count on Japan to keep bringin' the weird; here's an ad for Choco Balls. READ MORE

Food Freaks Skewered by “South Park”

In case you missed it, the South Park season 14 (really!) finale was pretty funny. Stan's dad, Randy, becomes obsessed with the Food Network and gets all, um, sexual over shallots. And says crème fraîche a lot. READ MORE

All You Need for Viral Video: A Grease Bomb and a Girl

It's a simple formula: Take three different processed meat products, add cheese, coat in cornmeal batter and deep-fry, slather in mayo made... READ MORE