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Every Story Needs a Villain

Episode 14: Top Chef Chicago bids farewell to its resident sourpuss. READ MORE

An Unforgiving Ending

Episode 14: Writer's block quashes the Top Chef meal of a lifetime. READ MORE

Peas Pack Your Knives and Go

Episode 13: Al dente legumes trip up the latest Top Chef hopeful. READ MORE

Those Inflammatory Scallops

Episode 12: Soggy seafood dooms a Top Chef contender. READ MORE

It’s War

Episode 11: Not just Top Chef restaurant wars, but personality wars too. READ MORE

Botched Lunch

Episode 10: One Top Chef goes against the grain. READ MORE

Marital Problems

Episode 9: Catering a wedding proves too much responsibility for one Top Chef. READ MORE

Padma Breaks Up the Band

Episode 8: Musical talent does not a Top Chef make. READ MORE

Improvisation, Sexual Innuendo, and Croutons

Episode 7: A ménage à trois turns off the judges. READ MORE

Metrosexuals Don’t Tailgate

Episode 6: Beer and sports bring the pretty boy down. READ MORE