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Notes from the Test Kitchen
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A Dozen a Day

Getting eggy in the test kitchen. READ MORE

Camera Gets Hungry, Eats Test Kitchen’s Trifle

Sometimes things don’t go well at a photo shoot. READ MORE

Cooks Stink

Working in a test kitchen doesn’t mix well with using public transportation. READ MORE

Welcome Back, You

Maternity leave is over; it’s back to the kitchen. READ MORE

Tastes Like Postnasal Drip

Sampling recipes is no fun when you have a cold. READ MORE

The Art of the Scrounge

Where can I buy sexy Spanish Medieval Catholic Church–themed cookware? READ MORE

Getting High in the Test Kitchen

Woah, dude. I feel it. Do you feel it? READ MORE

Chocolate + Brioche = Gastrorgasm

CHOW staffer secretly hopes recipe photo shoot goes south so she can eat the misfires. READ MORE

I Heart Ham

Falling in love with ham, and the Golden Gate Meat Company. READ MORE

Pork Appreciation

Carving a whole suckling pig is a humbling experience. READ MORE