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On the Rise

When are you supposed to stand at a meal? READ MORE

Cootie Call

Is it rude not to want to share your fork? READ MORE

None of Your Business

Is it selfish to guard a recipe? READ MORE

But, Mom …

How to persuade your mom to try a better restaurant on Mother's Day. READ MORE

Sycophant on Rye

When is it appropriate to say thank you to your server? READ MORE

Give My Table Away

The etiquette of canceling dinner reservations. READ MORE

Adults Only

How to politely tell guests not to bring their kids. READ MORE


How many samples can you ask for before you buy something? READ MORE

An Espresso to Grind

Should you tip baristas, and if so, how much? READ MORE

I Ordered Wrong

Is it OK to send restaurant dishes back to the kitchen when you simply don't like the taste? READ MORE