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I Didn’t Order That Insect

What's a restaurant's responsibility when there's something gross in a dish? READ MORE

The Napkin Defense

You lose cred when you use paper. READ MORE

Dinner with a Tightwad

Should you augment a bad tip, and how? READ MORE

What If You Ruin the Turkey?

Should you try to cover it up, confess, go without, or just order pizza? READ MORE

Did She Really Just Say That?

What to do when relatives drink too much and say embarrassing things. READ MORE

Dinner’s Getting Cold

How to deal with chronically late guests. READ MORE

Stop Refilling My Wineglass!

How to tell waiters to let you drink at your own pace. READ MORE

Chain Letters Aren’t Tasty

How to deal with food-related chain letters you don't want to participate in. READ MORE

Singled Out

The dos and don'ts of inviting unattached guests to your parties. READ MORE

Boy, It’s Getting Late

How long do you have to stay at a boring dinner party? READ MORE